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These applications are created by third party developers, using Kiva tools. Kiva does not endorse or guarantee any of these applications. Visit to learn more about our developer program.

Featured Apps

Kiva Lens

Quickly search by many loan and partner criteria, do portfolio analysis, saved search, email alerts, RSS feeds and more.

Kiva Bridge (iPhone/iPad)

Explore the universe of microlending opportunities available through the global Kiva community quickly and conveniently.


  • KivaFolio An app that helps analyze a Kiva portfolio's diversity across different sectors and countries, and recommends fundraising loans to help to balance the portfolio.
  • KivaLive - Kiva loans in real-time An app that allows you to monitor loans from public lenders at Kiva as they happen.
  • KivaLens This powerful web app can be used to analyze fundraising loans on Kiva and quickly determine which meet your risk tolerance. You can even collect your favorite loans in a "bundle" for easy checkout on the Kiva website! (requires Microsoft Silverlight plugin)
  • Kiva Japan (今僕らにできる社会貢献) A Kiva portal for Japanese speakers.
  • Kiva Stream A site promoting kiva and offering alternate loan search functionality
  • Kiva Loan Map Shows a list of recent micro-finance loans transacted on and displays each one on a map when it is selected.


  • Kiva Bridge (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch) Explore the universe of microlending opportunities available through the global Kiva community quickly and conveniently.
  • Kiva7 (Windows Phone 7) Kiva7 allows you to browse your loan portfolio on Kiva. Search for new loans and check out on the Kiva website.
  • KivaDroid (Android) KivaDroid provides an easy interface for Android phones to browse and make loans on Kiva. You can manage your basket on your phone and checkout when you are ready. Also you can browse the latest entries of the journal and browse your portfolio.
  • iKiva (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch) Browse and find loans using filters. View a detailed description of the loans, location and repayment terms. Search for loans using different criteria like geographic region, status, etc. Check your portfolio and loans' status. View top lending teams and their details. Add loans to your basket, set a pre-configured donation amount to Kiva and checkout using the Kiva website.
  • Kiva Mobile (Web based) Check Kiva loans from your mobile device.
  • Kiva Lender (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch) A Kiva iPhone app.
  • KivaSearch (Android) KivaSearch is an Android app that helps you search for the latest Kiva loans. You can view your portfolio, create a watch list, or join a team. KivaSearch includes swipe navigation, small and large screen (tablet) support.
  • Kiva by Panok (Android) Kiva by Panok is an Android application for Its purpose is to provide a simple way to browse and manage Kiva microfinance “on the go”.

Developer Tools

  • KivaNuevo Sms-based service that allows borrowers to update lenders about their progress in real time.


  • Humsara Create a Kiva Badge for your website to show off your loans.


  • Kiva Integration with ArcGIS  This project uses the kiva API to convert loan data into a CSV format for upload to the ArcGIS server.
  • CommonLenders spreadsheet KivaTrivia: Which lenders do you share most loans with? Which loan(s) do you share with your best friend? (requires Microsoft Excel for Windows)
  • FundraisingLoans spreadsheet Browse, filter and search all currently fundraising Kiva loans in an Excel spreadsheet. You can also mark loans for purchase to quickly create a checkout basket on Kiva. (requires Microsoft Excel for Windows)
  • Summary spreadsheet An Excel spreadsheet that allows you to easily manage and make sense of your Kiva portfolio, whatever its size. (requires Microsoft Excel for Windows)

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