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Vera runs a thriving business raising pigs and calves, which allows her to support her family.

Check out these products from Kiva-funded entrepreneurs!

From the days of Roman legionnaires to more modern farmers, growing wine has been a source of healing. Find out how one Kiva borrower is helping fellow veterans in his community!

Over the coming weeks Kiva US can provide quick, socially backed, risk-tolerant loans to entrepreneurs affected by the ripple effect from the fires and shutoffs.

Kiva is going mobile! Meet the app developers of the Kiva office in Portland.

How old were you when you made your first income? Victor Manuale was 13.

Have you heard of Kiva Labs? In this Higher Impact series, explore our partnership with Jibu in East Africa.

"My experience with Kiva has been mind-opening. I loved knowing that doing what I loved, entrepreneurship, is helping to fund other people’s dreams around the world."

Like thousands of children in the northern jungle of Peru, Jarver Gonzales and Jorge Luis Trujillo both grew up seeing their fathers cultivate coca leaves, the plant used to make cocaine.

Kofi Friar is the I.T. manager at Kiva. He’s been at the company for over 2 years and continues to demonstrate his Kiva passion every day! It also helps that his pup, Ninja, is everyone’s favorite office dog!

Suzana's family is a priority for her, she doesn't let her heart condition stop her from providing them with the basic needs.

Many years ago, Levan’s grandparents started their own hostel business in Tbilisi, Georgia.