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How Kiva lenders are creating jobs in northern Ghana

Everyone who becomes a borrower through iDE Ghana’s Sama Sama Toilet program wants to buy a toilet structure - the very first toilet to ever grace their home. Amazingly, 100% of these borrowers have gotten funded by Kiva lenders, a fantastic statistic!

How microfinance helps Filipino women entrepreneurs thrive

Cecilia started in a group loan and due to her business skills and good repayment history, she was able to transition to an individual loan over time. Being a member of NWTF has allowed her to increase the volume of fish that she sells and to exponentially grow her business! 

The ripple effects of clean water

By lending to Impact Water’s customers, you are contributing to a greener environment and healthier Ugandan students.

Why you should invest in northern Nigerian smallholder farmers

Affordable credit is helping to revolutionize northern Nigerian smallholder livelihoods.

Metro de Medellín: How Colombia built a culture of care around a transportation system

Medellín is known colloquially as “ la Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera,” or “the City of Eternal Spring.”[...] Apart from the mild climate and affable residents, visitors might be surprised to learn upon arrival that they are in a city with an advanced transportation infrastructure, referred to as the Metro de Medellín.

The importance of financial products and services in Kenya

They have the passion and desire to locate borrowers living in the most remote areas regardless of distance, language and weather. All this effort is to ensure that there is financial inclusion and to create a positive impact in the lives of communities.

Guatemala's Feria de Sololá is not your average state fair

This feria is held every year from August 7 to the 17 and boasts daily parades, colorful indigenous clothing, religious activities, musical performances, typical food such as garnachas (similiar to flat, mini tacos) and of course fireworks. The feria honors the Virgen de la Asunción, or the “patron saint” of the Sololá department.  

A rewarding journey to a Kiva borrower in Ghana

“I went to two other banks, but they won’t give me all the money I want... [and] Interest was high, and it was too much for me to pay."
"Advans will lend me the money I need, at a good price,” she added.

How microfinance helps Haiti recover from natural disasters

Banks are extremely difficult to access due to their paperwork requirements and initial capital or collateral. They also have an extremely bad reputation amongst the rural population, particularly in terms of poor practices when collecting repayments. As Louis, a borrower, explained, “There is a vicious circle of indebtedness when people go to banks.”

Fighting deforestation through innovation in Haiti

I knew about deforestation but was still taken aback to see it so clearly. Unlike its neighbour the Dominican Republic, which has 41% of its land covered by forest, Haiti struggles to reach a 4% coverage. This is a stark contrast from the 1920s, when forests covered 75% of the land. 


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