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Beyond Borrowing in Dien Bien: Necessary Trainings for the Poorest of the Poor

Peace Café: Coffee with a Mission

Entrepreneur in Thanh Hoa Doubles Income, Creates Jobs with a Microloan for a Tofu Machine

Entrepreneurship in Liberia: 1 --> n or 0 --> 1?

When most people think of entrepreneurship in developing countries, they do not think of innovation. Even in cases of extreme growth, such as in China, most wealth and development comes from copying what has worked in other places in the past. This is what is known as 1 --> n innovation.

Fisherwomen in Vietnam Quadruple Incomes After Receiving Kiva Microloans for 8 Years

Rwanda Transformation: Urwego Opportunity Bank's Social Impact

       When I began my Kiva fellowship,  I had so many questions on how microfinance works and does it really have an impact on people’s lives.   As I arrived in Kigali, the understanding of social impact was the first on my list to accomplish.  I wanted to k

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket: Modern Portfolio Theory in Rural Kenya

For the past 60 years, economists have been researching and discussing asset diversification and Modern Portfolio Theory.

Paying it forward: How “social interest” benefits borrowers and the community

Animals for Education in Vietnam

The Right to Access Capital

“Despite the hoopla over microfinance, it doesn't cure poverty”1. The validity of this statement is recognized, and the data; compelling.


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