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Watership Down and the World Happiness Report

Michael Slattery | KF17 | Togo

Update from the Field: Group Loans, Barriers to Microfinance + How to Visit a Borrower

Compiled by Chris Paci | KF16 & KF17 | Ukraine

Barrier + Solution = Groups loans for Maya! + Challenges Remain.

By Kimberly Strathearn, KF 16/17, Turkey

The ABCs of West Bank Agriculture

Philip Issa | KF17 | Palestine (Update: Photo links fixed)

Borrower Visits: Uncle Alex’s Tips from the Field

By Alex Connelly | KF17 | Colombia

Update from the Field: Non-Financial Services, Employment Discrimination + The Dark Side of Sustainable Tourism

Compiled by Chris Paci | KF16 & KF17 | Ukraine

Getting to Know The Real Mexico

Kiyomi Beach | KF17 | Mexico

Update From The Field: Inspiring Field Partners, Cultural Adjustments + Girl Scout Cookies (No Wait, That’s Not Right)

Chris Paci | KF16 & KF17 | Azerbaijan

Micro-Credit’s Dirty Little Secret

Ryan Cummings | KF 17 | Liberia

The Sums of a Social Performance Certificate

Michael Slattery | KF 17 | Togo


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