In honor of the brilliant Tanzanian posts:

You know you’re in Bosnia when…

1. Any healthy foods must always be accompanied by sausage.

2. Your coworkers refer to annoying things as “liver” because “they cause the liver to feel pain.”

3. People mix their wine with coca cola.

4. The most popular musicians are over the age of 40, and are usually accompanied by accordions.

5. Pizzas are baked without tomato sauce, but you are welcome to squirt ketchup over the cheese, if you like.

6. Men wear identical black berets.

7. Graphic pornography is sold at convenience stands, next to the candy bars and gum.

8. You feel physical pain when you walk outside in the winter, as your brain contracts from the cold.

9. Cocktails cost $1.

10. US lotteries use 6 numbers. Bosnian lotteries use 19.

Also, here is a borrower update that I recently prepared on Daliborka and Nevenka Javanovic.

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