Kiva Fellows 10th Class
Upon graduating from University of Virginia in 2005, Alexis started with friend & fellow graduate, Steve Huffman. The social news website, where readers determine the front page by sharing, voting, and commenting on links now has over a half million visitors every day. He sold reddit in October 2006 to Conde Nast and continued working there until October 2009, when he announced his intention to join the Kiva Fellows Program. For the last two years, he's also been working on an uncorporation he founded called Breadpig;, which creates and sells geeky products, donating all profits to related charities. Most notably, he produced LOLmagnetz ; (magnetic poetry in LOLspeak) and published the popular webcomic xkcd 's first book. Alexis is half German and half Armenian, speaks German, but only knows a few phrases in Armenian. He's expecting this fellowship to learn Armenian, as well as some good lavash recipes. He'd also like to make the world suck less. Just one more reason why he applied to be a Kiva Fellow.