Kiva Fellows 18th Class
Anya grew up in Pakistan with her Kashmiri father and Dutch mother. At 17 she moved to Amsterdam to study Economics, experiencing the extreme transition from conservative to liberal. With a passion for development, she has set up several campaigns to support Pakistan during times of unrest, always with the motto ‘empowerment through dignity’. Since graduating Anya has lived in Paris, New York, Islamabad and Lagos, researching and implementing projects related to education, emergencies and health, amongst others. She looks forward to having an international career in poverty alleviation through innovative grass-root initiatives. Anya suffers from perpetual wanderlust, and has dreams of hijacking Anthony Bourdain’s job. She thinks experimenting and cooking are synonyms, loves excitement, exploration, antique markets and all things miniature. Anya believes there is a creative spark in everyone, and that one little nudge in the right direction is all it takes. It is precisely for this reason she is excited to be the first Kiva fellow in Pakistan, and is looking forward to providing an alternative perspective to an otherwise misconceived nation.