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PROBLEM #1: Clean energy products are expensive

  • Credit for clean technologies is largely unavailable because they’re not clearly and directly income generating, calling into question borrowers’ ability to repay.
  • Many prospective customers are too rural for banks to lend to them profitably.

Proposed Solutions

Loans for end users. For most bottom of the pyramid consumers, the price of a home solar system, or even a few solar lights is prohibitive. However, with credit delivered through flexible and creative means -- like a pay-as-you-go system, or automatic repayments deducted from cost savings -- end users can benefit from energy technologies without worrying about making their payments. In most cases, the amount of money and time saved from not buying or collecting kerosene, wood and diesel quickly covers the loan amount.

Our Partners

African Solar Rise, Tanzania
Loans to help entrepreneurs start renewable energy-focused businesses.

BrazAfric, Kenya
Loans for clean-burning, energy-efficient cookstoves.

Fenix, Uganda
Loans for the upfront, bulk purchase of Fenix’s Readyset device, a small, portable energy system that can power lights, radios, mobile phones, and even medical applications.

IluMexico, Mexico
Affordable loans for solar home systems in off-grid areas.

Impact Carbon, Uganda
Loans that provide access to clean stoves and water filtration systems for hospitals and schools.

Nuru Energy, Rwanda
Loans for POWERCycle entrepreneurs to purchase rechargeable LED lights to sell in their communities.

Sistema Biobolsa, Mexico
Loans for farmers to purchase biodigesters that convert livestock waste into energy and fertilizer.

TAHUDE Foundation, Tanzania
Loans for end-users and small retailers to purchase biogas systems in rural areas in Tanzania.

TECNOSOL, Nicaragua
Loans to provide off-grid communities with home solar systems and related services such as phone and solar lantern charging.

Visionary Empowerment Programme, Kenya
Loans for biogas construction and energy-saving solar lamps and cookstoves.

Wana Solutions, Uganda
Loans to distribute liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) equipment and stoves to Ugandan households and entrepreneurs to reduce household costs and reliance on polluting, less sustainable fuel sources.