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Problem #1: Lack of adequate access to light and power affects families' health and productivity

  • The high upfront costs for solar home systems and community microgrids reduces the number of options for off-the-grid families.
  • Without access to productive power sources, households can’t run fans, heaters, refrigerators, and more powerful lighting to keep their homes and families healthy. Businesses and communities can’t run productive assets such as water pumps and grain mills.

Proposed solutions

Loans for customers that are delivered through flexible and creative means – like an SMS-based, pay-as-you-go system – allow end users to benefit from clean energy technologies without worrying about paying for the entire cost upfront.

One partner’s innovative approach

PowerGen Renewable Energy, in Kenya, offers in-kind loans to groups of borrowers to connect to microgrids. This means the borrowers gain access to power right away and pay for the service over time, versus receiving a monetary loan. Once the loan is fully repaid, the grid becomes the property of the community, and usage fees are reduced to cover only the metering cost and ongoing maintenance of the grid.