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PROBLEM #2: Energy products are often not available at “The Last Mile”

Affordable clean energy products like solar lanterns and energy-efficient cookstoves are not readily available to most bottom of the pyramid consumers, despite their potential to save costs.

Proposed Solution

Loans for retailers. When retailers have the credit they need to buy clean energy products in bulk, they can sell that inventory at an affordable price but also turn a profit. This fuels a supply chain that extends these products into rural and remote areas where they would not otherwise be available.

Our Partners

Angaza Design, Zambia
Loans to support sales agents to obtain pay-as-you-go solar products and sell them to end consumers.

Barefoot Power, Tanzania
Loans for small to medium-sized solar product distributors to expand adoption in rural areas.

Credit Mongol, Mongolia
Loans for clean energy and energy-efficient products in one of the most polluted countries on earth.

EarthSpark International, Haiti
Loans for retailers to purchase and re-sell both solar products and clean cookstoves to expand last-mile distribution.

Entrepreneurs du Monde, Burkina Faso
Loans to help retailers open stores and sell clean cookstoves as well as provide cookstoves to households and professionals who sell local food.

Kopernik, Indonesia
Loans to alleviate supply chain challenges by distributing technology products such as solar lamps through “Tech Kiosks” located in rural communities across Indonesia.

NOTS Lampe Solaire, Mali
Loans for distributors and women’s associations to sell solar lamps with an aim to replace all kerosene lamps in Mali with clean, safe solar alternatives.

One Degree Solar, Kenya
Loans for retailers to purchase and re-sell solar devices that can charge phones, lights and batteries.

Paradigm Project, Kenya
Loans to clean cookstove distributors, increasing access to safer and more energy-efficient stoves across the value chain.

Solar Sister, Uganda
Loans for women micro-retailers to buy inventories of solar lights to sell in their communities.

StoveTeam International, Honduras
Loans that enable factory owners to provide clean stoves to distribution centers, allowing them to increase accessibility to these safer and more efficient stoves.

UpEnergy, Uganda
Loans to expand distribution of clean cookstoves through community-based organizations and retailers in rural Uganda.

XacBank, Mongolia
Loans for energy-efficient housing supplies and renovations, hybrid vehicles and more.

What is Success?

Over the next decade, we want to see clean energy products become regular household necessities. We define success as:

  • Sustainable supply chains: Clean energy products and services being delivered through permanent, profitable channels.
  • Social dividends: Improvements in health and well-being. Solar lights extending study and work hours, women and children no longer inhaling fumes from open fires, and more.
  • Falling prices: Costs coming down as the market becomes more competitive, expanding access even further.