New Field Partner: Empowering women borrowers in Honduras with COMIXMUL

We love to see how loans help women borrowers establish new businesses, gain financial independence and contribute to their families’ incomes. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our newest Field Partner in Honduras, COMIXMUL!

Founded in 1986 by 12 women who had only $160 between them, the organization aims to help single women gain access to savings and credit services. Today, with a portfolio of over $26 million, the organization impacts over 26,000 women borrowers in Honduras, including a large number of single mothers.

A COMIXMUL member in her greenhouse.

A woman borrower who used a loan from COMIXMUL to expand her business.

How does COMIXMUL make this happen?

Members are asked to contribute $12 per year to the cooperative to access a range of services, including savings, loans and career development support. Moreover, once they become members, female borrowers can enroll in business management training courses.

For many years, the organization has offered courses in loan management, salon services, jewelry making, handicrafts, sewing and food preparation. These programs have helped more than 4,000 women enhance their skills and either find jobs at local enterprises or start their own businesses.

COMIXMUL is a very unique organization among the MFIs operating in Honduras. In addition to savings, loans and trainings, it offers medical services to its members. At the COMIXMUL health care unit, members can receive their annual exams, ultrasounds and other services. They’re also eligible to purchase medications at subsidized rates.

A COMIXMUL member receiving her annual checkup.

In 2011, over 3,000 clients received health care services through the cooperative. Because of the high cost of health care services, this clinic is the only option for quality health care for most COMIXMUL members.

With the economic and social needs of members in mind, COMIXMUL offers innovative, tailored loans. Traditional funding is hard to find for 3 types of these in-demand loans: agriculture loans, youth entrepreneurship loans, and solar panel loans.

Kiva definitely wants to help COMIXMUL increase its loan offerings, especially in rural areas, to help even more female farmers and young female entrepreneurs.
Kiva definitely wants to help COMIXMUL increase their loan offerings, especially in rural areas, to help even more female farmers and youth.

If you are interested in empowering women in rural Honduras, this partner is the right choice for you!

We’re sorry if they’re all funded, but please check back soon for more!

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Images courtesy of COMIXMUL.

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