What's new on Kiva 2/22: Mobile checkout, lending team improvements and more

As you may know, every two weeks, we push a bunch of updates to the website to make our lenders' lives better. This week, we're announcing some pretty cool changes.

Mobile-optimized checkout flow

We've optimized several pages on the site to make it easier to check out on your phone or tablet. Currently, these include the login and registration pages and the basket pages when you're making a loan. If you use Kiva through a third-party mobile app, you can now check out without any zooming! More page upgrades are coming, so stay tuned!

An improved Updates tab

To make it easier to find blog posts from Kiva staff, fellows, and our field partners around the world, we've changed the Updates tab to show a timeline of these posts. Before, you'd see a long list of updates for individual loans, which may or may not have been relevant. Now you can get all the info you need about Kiva news, announcements, features, stories, etc. in one click from the homepage. And you can still access loan updates if you want to by selecting "Loan Updates" or "Loan Updates in My Portfolio" from the dropdown menu. 

Lending team page revamp

We've overhauled the format of lending team pages to make them clearer and easier to navigate -- see the new top menu items especially. It's also easier than ever to see how much your team has made possible for borrowers worldwide, and how you stack up compared to other teams.

OAuth open beta

We've officially raised the curtain on our OAuth implementation! This will allow third-party app developers to ask your permission to access some of your private data, such as your balance. If you give permission, the app will be able to offer you a richer experience.

Have questions about Kiva site changes? Send them our way at blog@kiva.org.

About the author

Martin Butt

Martin joined Kiva in January 2012. Born and raised in London, England, Martin has been writing software from an early age; dropping out of high school to work as a web developer at now Reuters owned Complinet. He returned to education and attainted his BSc in Computer Science from the University of Reading. He worked in a number of engineering and product management roles on high traffic websites before his entrepreneurial spirit took him in a new direction. He owned and operated a mobile catering van, a web development and online marketing agency and a number of tech startups that utilized his homegrown geo-location platform.