9 reasons to lend to men this Father's Day

Did you know that 80% of the loans posted to Kiva are for women borrowers?

Microfinance is an incredible force for women’s empowerment. So much so, that many microfinance institutions and organizations focus largely or exclusively on serving women. But men play a vital role in development and their communities too -- especially fathers!

So, in advance of this Father's Day (in 40 countries worldwide this Sunday), here are 9 reasons why loans to men make a big difference:

1.) Lack of financial opportunities force men to migrate, either separating them from their families or uprooting their wives and children. This has major ramifications for everyone involved.

2.) Paid paternity leave is rare worldwide, restricting women’s ability to work while also caring for newborns and limiting families’ economic potential.

3.) According to the U.N., men who are unemployed or under economic stress are twice as likely to commit acts of violence or abuse alcohol.

4.) Men who are unemployed or out of school are significantly more likely to participate in conflict groups, including militias and gangs, which hurt communities.

5.) Parental education and employment is a strong indicator of child health, education and future income.

6.) Studies show that children of involved fathers exhibit increased empathy, self-esteem and positive social skills -- not to mention happiness.

7.) Educated men with stable incomes are more likely to share household work and caregiving with their partners, modeling gender equality for their children.

8.) Girls who grow up with engaged fathers are much less likely to marry early, give birth early, or expose themselves to sexually-transmitted diseases like HIV.

9.) Educated men have more access to information and are more likely to inform themselves about reproductive health so they can protect themselves and their partners.

This Father's Day, you can honor the dads in your life AND support hard-working dads around the world at the same time: Dedicate a loan to Dad!

Simply go to kiva.org/lend, pick a loan, and click the heart at checkout to dedicate.

Maybe a borrower in Peru is starting his own construction company just like your dad did. Or a fisherman in Vietnam lives in the same village where your dad grew up. Or maybe another great father you know has the same smile as a borrower in Uganda. Include a special message and let him know why you chose that loan just for him!

Questions about how to dedicate a loan? Contact us at blog@kiva.org.

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Emily Wakefield

A native of southern California, Emily is a recent graduate from Santa Clara University where she studied Economics and Spanish Studies. The highlight of her college experience was the semester she spent abroad in Granada, Spain. She knew she wanted to pursue a career in economic development after reading Half the Sky. Emily will be joining the Marketing and Communications team as a Blog and Social Media Intern and is especially excited to find new and creative ways to spread Kiva’s work to more people. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, listening to country music, and re-watching Friends episodes for the millionth time.