Tis the season -- to help send kids to college!

Our partner Strathmore University in Kenya just posted a huge batch of new loans to help students from all over Africa afford college tuition! 

We're so excited to be working with Strathmore -- one of the most prestigious private institutions on the continent -- to get young people the funding they need to succeed. Make a student loan today, and change a life in dramatic ways.

It may be summer vacation, but too many bright, qualified students in Africa need to worry about affording education. Financial aid is extremely limited, scholarships are terribly competitive, and many financial institutions like local banks think student loans are too risky to be good business. We're setting out to prove them wrong by offering long-term loans (up to 11 years repayment term) to students so they don't have to worry about paying back until they secure a good job. This frees them up to study and focus on their futures.

When it comes to making a huge impact with your loan dollars, you couldn't ask for a better opportunity than student loans. When you help someone afford higher education, the ripple effect is amazing:

  • College graduates find better jobs and have much greater earning potential for their whole lives.
  • Parents who attended college have healthier children, who are much less likely to suffer from malnutrition, poor self esteem or infectious disease.
  • Educated citizens participate in local and national political processes, encouraging free thought and battling corruption.
  • Students who receive quality educations in Africa are more likely to stay in Africa to give back to their local communities.
  • Educated people are more likely to respect others who are not like them, promoting gender equality, diversity, and anti-discrimination. 
The list of benefits goes on and on. So, when you support a Stathmore student with a loan, you give someone a chance they wouldn't otherwise have, AND you're truly changing the world we all live in. 

Make a loan to a Strathmore University student today

Help us spread the word on Twitter and Facebook too! As of this post, we've got 25 students looking for sizable loans and we need help getting them all funded! 

Your loans make a huge difference for students like: 

Hellen, a commerce major who dreams of becoming an accountant and helping her siblings follow in her footsteps.

George, earning a degree in business information technology so he can find a good job and one day become a Kiva lender too.

Phyllis, to earn her degree in law so she can work in intellectual property and help make educational resources open and available to more students like her.

Jotham, so he can get his degree in commerce. His plan: to return to his community and set up institutions that help kids stay off drugs, prevent girls from marrying early and more.

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