The 22nd Class of Kiva Fellows Takes to the Field!

This post was authored by both Jen Terry and Emily Mertens, incredible interns with the Kiva Fellows Program.

There's a spark that runs through the office during the Kiva Fellows Program training week. You can’t help but feel it when you walk through the door. Last week was no different when the 22nd class of Kiva Fellows (KF22) came to San Francisco to learn all things Kiva and prepare for their challenging assignments. They brought with them (and left behind) a lasting enthusiasm for this impactful work before scattering to 25 different countries on 5 continents, where they’ll each spend 4 months serving a total of 54 unique Field Partners.  

Kiva Fellows are cool. They are outgoing, intelligent and overwhelmingly accomplished in diverse fields ranging from consulting to dentistry to video production -- and yet they are admirably humble. Throughout the five-day training, Kiva Fellows are exposed to the intense and the silly, the polished and the rugged of Kiva culture. We simply could not operate without them.

Whether onboarding new partners on familiar turf (Nicaragua, Uganda and Armenia) or venturing into uncharted territory for Kiva (Suriname), KF22 is ready to take on the challenge and accelerate Kiva’s mission on the ground. KF22 is comprised of 35 fellows. Eight will be serving with Kiva Zip in either the United States or Kenya. Two will be focused on generating exciting media content for our marketing team. One will be championing a new initiative to use innovative technology to improve efficiency in the field. Fifteen fellows will be paired with Field Partners. And nine will be continuing their previous fellowship and joining the ranks with the rest of KF22.

Do you want to join in on the fun and make an impact? Apply today to be part of the 23rd class of Kiva Fellows. The application deadline is September 29th, and training will take place in January 2014. Don’t miss out!

Without further ado,
we present to you,

Listed with the partners they'll be helping, and the countries where they will be working. You can find their complete (impressive) bios here

Alex Guna - Yunus Social Business, AUCA (Germany, Albania, Kyrgyzstan)
Amy Lambert - Kiva Zip (United States)
Amy Williams - Credo, SEF, Nor Horizon (Georgia, Armenia)
Awena Lebeschu - KOMAZA, Strathmore, Honey Care, Sanergy, BrazAfric (Kenya)
Benjamin Brennan - Huatusco, VisionFund Mexico (Mexico)
Robert Luchsinger - ASDIR, FAPE, CONFRAS (Guatemala, El Salvador)
Celeste Gonda - Interactuar, FMSD, Colfuturo, CampAlto (Colombia)
Christina Magro - MiCredito, Pana Pana (Nicaragua)
David Picciao - Technology Fellow (Kenya)
Gena Jiang - Kiva Zip (Kenya)
Huyen Bui - ACE, East Meets West, FPW (Vietnam)
Immanuel Palugod - Kiva Zip (Kenya)
Kacki Kammann - Cooperativa San Jose, Banco D-MIRO, Fundacion Alternativa (Ecuador)
Kaleisha Stuart - Kiva Zip (United States)
Katie Kerr - Tujijenge (Tanzania)
Katrina Gordon - Kiva Zip (Kenya)
Kristrun Gunnarsdottir - Kiva Zip (Kenya)
Liz Fish - Media Fellow (Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia)
Lucy Prom - One Acre Fund, Evidence Action (Kenya)
Maryse Gbeassor - UIMCEC, BRAC Liberia (Senegal, Liberia)
Michelle Boyd - WSDS, People’s Forum, Mahashakti Foundation (India)
Michael Mazur - Media Fellow (Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia)
Nick Quintong - Kiva Zip (Kenya)
Ron Beaton - PT Ruma, YSBS, TRM (Indonesia, East Timor)
Shane Fahy - Kiva Zip (United States)
Shelley Graner - BJS, Cashpoor (India)

And a huge thanks to the fellows who are serving second (or third) terms:

Jeff Nelson - Microfinazas Prisma, Edpyme Alternativa (Peru)
Jenny Prosser - UpEnergy, Impact Carbon, Grameen, Fenix (Uganda)
John Winslow - VisionFund Cambodia, Kredit, HKL, MAxima, iDE (Cambodia)
Matt Bastone - Kiva Zip (Los Angeles, United States)
Michelle Schenck - Maharishi Institute (South Africa)
Nelleke Hennemann - SEVA (Suriname)
Parijat Tanna - Kiva Zip (Oakland, United States)
Taylor Whitfield - Kiva Zip (Kenya)
Theresa Wilson - Kiva Zip (New Haven, United States)

Have questions about the Kive Fellows Program? Send them out way at And, if you're interested, don't forget to apply before September 29!

About the author

Emily Mertens

As the Kiva Fellows Program Associate, Emily is responsible for training week operations and supporting Fellows from recruitment to post fellowship evaluation. After interning with KFP in 2013, Emily spent a year launching operations in Senegal for myAgro, a Kiva partner in West Africa. While in Senegal, Emily managed the first national expansion of the program, designed the training program for new field staff and worked on rural marketing strategy. Emily has also interned at Net Impact, helping to plan their annual conferences in 2012 and 2013. She has experience working with a refugee-centered microfinance institution in Sacramento, CA, and with Taproot Foundation. She graduated from the University of California: Davis with BAs in Sociology and French and also studied at l’Université de Bordeaux in 2011. A Bay Area native, Emily is an avid skier and runner who one day hopes to regain her title as the San Jose Sharks “Fan of the Game.”