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Monthly Good is the easiest New Year's resolution to keep

Go to the gym! Floss more! Eat healthier! Read more! Learn a new language!

We all have New Year’s resolutions, and some are harder to keep than others. But what if we told you that the easiest New Year’s resolution to keep takes only 90 seconds and makes a difference year-round?

It’s time to sign up for Monthly Good if you want to make a difference in 2020.

With Monthly Good, lending has never been easier. All you have to do decide how much you’d like to give monthly and tell us who you want to support. Then we’ll take care of the rest!




Do you want to lend specifically to students, with $5 a month? We got you. Maybe to women, with $75 a month? We’ll handle it! The world is your oyster.

We’ll make sure you’re making an impact the rest of the year, once a month after signing up. Your monthly contributions will be supporting hardworking borrowers all over the world. Plus, you can change the lending categories or cancel whenever you want with just a click.

The best part? We’ll send you monthly updates of the borrowers that you’ve helped support each month. It’s like a monthly dose of inspiration, so you can see how you’re making a difference.



You can make a difference without even going to our website — no WiFi or cell service needed after sign-up! Lend while you’re Netflixing on your couch, lend while you’re hiking up a mountain, lend while you’re scuba diving. Because we’ve got you covered at Kiva with Monthly Good.

Keeping your resolution— and lending with Kiva — has never been easier.

Sign up now.



About the author

Casey Miller

Casey Miller is Kiva's content strategist in the Portland offices. She began her journey with Kiva as a New Media and Branding intern, then contracted as the content and media coordinator, now working full-time as a content strategist. Casey graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.A. in Journalism, and still uses this journalistic background in her storytelling at Kiva. With a passion for travel and cultural exchange, Casey seeks to spread the stories of our cultures and communities for those whose voices are often ignored.