Sep 17, 2013 KV Kiva HQ
By Camille Ricketts
A Piglet Named Kiva: What Grameen Foundation AppLab is making possible in Uganda


That's pretty awesome. Thanks for putting that together and sharing it.

Great! You should try to get the television companies to display it free to show the wonderful job that Kiva does.

Great Idea!

thank you for taking the time to make this video and for sharing. really appreciate and happy to be a Kiva lender.

Hi, naming all the pigs Kiva, will cause confusion. Thank you for the video.

LOL, excellent point!

Inspiring and heart-warming. Thanks for sharing and will pass on to my friends.

That is wonderful...I am so proud to be in this program helping those great people!

Wonderful video. It shows how appropriate cell phone technology, cell phone and solar charger, can provide resources and key price info for small farmers.

You got my attention....Its so exciting to see the faces of the people and see the great job Kiva is doing! We take this so for granted! Thank you for putting the video together.

I love it. I just hope they don't end up sitting around with their faces buried in their phones instead of doing work ;)

This technology shows how important it can be to the People of Ghana to help produce more in their crops & help understand the meaning of helping them selves....I think this video is powerful & I am proud to be a member of Kiva

OMG I'm touched to tears. Seeing the faces of farmers who are benefiting from loans we provide through Kiva is priceless... I'm so excited and delighted to learn that cell phone technology, cell phones and solar chargers are key resources for farmers to become leaders in their communities. Great story about the piglet called Kiva! Keep up the great work Kiva!

lovely video that make me feeling so warm, keep moving, keep supporting Kiva.

Enthralling to see results at work, communities being empowered by the people within them. My heart has a perma-grin knowing I'm contributing to Kiva (the organization). And what a cute pig! Thank you for showing this :)

Such a satisfying feeling to be a Kiva supporter. Nice story one of many that I am sure deserve more awareness.

I was a Peace Corps Volunteer many years ago in the interior of Brazil, an area often stricken by droughts. Kiva reminds me of the kind of help we aspired to give that enabled people to help themselves. If there had been more technology then, I can only imagine the possibilities.

Technology can really be an enabler. But it takes a great sense of responsibility to use it appropriately (ie productively). Lets hope they adhere to some form of accountability to keep them on the right track. I can't help mentioning that eventually, Kiva (the piglet of course) will get slaughtered :-( Apart from that, thumbs up for this initiative.

Smartphones, solar chargers,solar oven sand bicycle generators can be used to help erase poverty. It is my hope that technology and Kiva will continue to improve lives.

Great video, very uplifting. How about making it even more impactful by having a link after the video or close by where watchers can make additional loans to farmers including Alice and others like her? Lead us to immediate action. :)

That's a pretty cute piglet. I'm pleased that she named the piglet "Kiva" (rather than "Bacon").

Love it!!! Great work, Kiva.

I'm touched by Alice's personal story and her commitment to further the lives of her children through multiple means of revenue. Great job in telling this wonderful story, Kiva!

Way to go, Kiva! Spread the word and this fantastic movie! Feels great to be a supporter!

Her smile at 1:43 is priceless.

Wow, this is a brilliant video, Kiva, you should do more stuff like this. I hope that many more piglets get named after Kiva. I never really knew how much lending 25$ at a time could do! Keep up the AMAZING work Kiva.

Thanks for taking the time to make this video. I think that agriculture loans are some of the most important loans that can be made. It's great to see a success story.

Absolutely love this!! Wonderful idea to produce and share this video, thank you!

I LOVE the pig named KIVA! A great story. Thank you for sharing it with us. Do you have any more like that?

I met the people in the video (Alice and the Chairman) when I was in Uganda for the Hunger Project last year - so awesome to see this video.

I love to see technology and agriculture and business helping people, and I wish the woman in the video much success! However, I try to pick loans where no animals are harmed. I'm glad everybody loves the cute little piggie named Kiva, but "when the pig produces" is a euphemism for "when he is slaughtered". I would love to see Kiva make it a condition of loans that no animals are harmed. Perhaps with some advice some alternate forms of business could be found for these borrowers. Thanks for all you do and for allowing me to make that suggestion.

We named our new dog Kiva and have told people about your organization when they asked where we got the name! We loved that it meant "united" in Swahili because we were united to rescue her when we got her! It's a good name.

At the end, I just started to clap and bursted into tears.... Tears of joy

Fantastic video ! That's very encouraging and gives a lot of hope. Great job !

WOW! How amazing that technology is making such a difference. I loved this story ... it made me smile and get teary at the same time.

It made my heart smile!

Great little story. While I sympathise with Anne's comments yesterday, I think we have to realise that we can't always expect to apply first world standards to these very deprived communities. I also hate to think of Kiva being slaughtered, but at least he is not being factory farmed and will have what could be considered a good life until his time comes. It's called survival in countries such as Ghana. He will be valued and respected for his contribution to their community, unlike animals in our own so-called "civilised" country.

This is exactly why I am such a strong supporter of Kiva...such a forward thinking organization. Pleased to see technology making such a difference. Very heart warming to see lives being transformed. Great video.

"Changing the world, one piglet at a time!" Awesome. I can't resist. Making a loan to a Ugandan farmer right now.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Camille, Great video, shows how powerful microfinance loans are and is a great tool for spreading the word.

This is why I contribute to Kiva--wonderful story & may God continue to Bless this mission.

Hi ! really great video and story, worthwhile to share! BUT don't forget :without learning reading and writing it won't help people at all.So basic school education remains the key !!

These are important small steps towards independance rather than dependance on Kiva.. and even the western world. There is no more important task than to feed the needy, then immediately help educate them towards self-sustainability. Kiva is one continuous miracle in action...

Love the video! My 12 year old and I have been choosing Kiva loans for a couple of years. It's been a great way to teach her generosity, compassion, AND give her a sense of our global village. Can't wait to show her the pig named Kiva : ) This blog is great.

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