Celebrate the International Day of Peace with Kiva

This year's theme for the International Day of Peace is "Education for Peace."

Established in 1981 by the United Nation’s General Assembly, the International Day of Peace on September 21 -- TOMORROW -- is a day for the whole world to reflect on the meaning of peace and reconciliation. This international holiday, established by Resolution 36/67, aims to spread a doctrine of unity and ‘a cessation of hostilities,’ through public awareness and campaigns for equality.

Today, the U.N. and other organizations look to bring attention to issues which they believe to be catalysts for violence and instability. The solution is to stress education, access to resources, sustainability, youth empowerment, disarmament and adoption of human rights laws as tenets of stability and foundations of tolerance.

With Kiva, everyone can celebrate by sharing a little bit of peace with borrowers. Whether lending to programs dedicated to reforming education or helping a small farm in a rural village, loans can support the same campaigns espoused by the U.N., which emphasize that peace comes from equality and individual gain rather than treaties or diplomatic relations.

In compliance with the tenets of empowerment, equality and development, lenders can observe the international festivities by supporting individuals in regions that suffer from violence and animosity. The symbolic celebration of peace, as said by the U.N. “offers an opportunity for the world to pause, reflect and consider how best to break the vicious cycle of violence that conflict creates.”

In places like Tanzania, Ghana, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, citizens are celebrating through peace walks and weeklong activities, while in Bangladesh and the United States, individuals are taking part in musical and art related events. These observances bring awareness to the U.N. holiday, but most importantly, create platforms from which discourse on peace can evolve.

Whether attending an art show or participating in a peace walk, Kiva lenders can go a step further by supporting and empowering individuals in need. After all, it is Kiva lenders who play a pivotal role in individual growth and economic advancement by lending to those who would otherwise be overlooked by the financial system.

As countries continue to develop and ultimately take steps to overcome aggression, lenders can help expedite the process by lending to individuals who live in regions plagued by conflict. So, in accordance with the values expressed by the U.N. as attributes of peace, celebrate the international holiday by lending to borrowers and help create a platform from which harmony and unity can spring.

About the author

Christina Cawthorne-Jad

After being given the chance to study abroad, Tina’s experience founded a love for diplomacy which was later developed through her studies. Originally from San Diego, Tina, moved to the Bay Area in order to attend San Francisco State University where she majored in International Relations with an emphasis in Middle Eastern Studies.Originally set to focus in environmental studies, Tina stumbled across foreign affairs which combines her areas of expertise - political science, activism and philosophy- with  her interests such as culture, tradition, language and art.  Looking to one day build a NGO dedicated to empowerment and sustainability, Tina sees Kiva as an excellent opportunity for both professional and personal growth. Outside of her internship, Tina enjoys running, cooking, hiking and lazy weekends.