With 1.5 billion observants, Islam’s Feast of Sacrifice or Eid al-Adha, is happening this evening through tomorrow night -- promoting virtues of giving and sharing. With its roots originating from the sacrifice made by Abraham to God, Eid al-Adha looks to reenact the willingness exemplified by Abraham through the offering of food and sustenance to members of the community and, most importantly, the poor.


Similar to the Biblical and Quranic ritual, Muslims around the World sacrifice a lamb, cow, goat or in some cases a camel; with only a fraction being kept for oneself. The majority of the sacrificed meat is then given to neighbors, family members and those less fortunate. Keeping with tradition around the world, Muslims who are unable to sacrifice an animal themselves, are obliged to purchase and give meat or food to the poor, thus fulfilling the giving spirit of the holiday.


While you may not be a Muslim or even believe in religion, you too, can celebrate Eid al-Adha’s giving vibe by providing financial assistance to an individual in need. Kiva’s Shariah compliant loans, enable lenders to make loans to Muslim individuals while respecting Islamic beliefs and practices.


Similar to many non-Muslim holidays, Eid al-Adha is practiced over a 24-hour period in which prayer and family are pivotal to observance. Celebrations kick off today, with visiting family, reciting traditional prayer or takbir, spreading cheer and lastly sharing with those around you. You as a lender can take part in the festivities by heading to Kiva’s Lend tab and using the search panel to look via country or attribute (Islamic Finance). Whether financing Abdullah in Yemen or Zainab in Iraq, loans made by lenders on Eid al-Adha are without a doubt, in line with tradition.


So whether you are a Muslim or not, perhaps say “eid mubarak” (have a blessed eid) to your neighbors. And this Eid al-Adha, help someone by giving them the tools to help themselves.

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About the author

Christina Cawthorne-Jad

After being given the chance to study abroad, Tina’s experience founded a love for diplomacy which was later developed through her studies. Originally from San Diego, Tina, moved to the Bay Area in order to attend San Francisco State University where she majored in International Relations with an emphasis in Middle Eastern Studies.Originally set to focus in environmental studies, Tina stumbled across foreign affairs which combines her areas of expertise - political science, activism and philosophy- with  her interests such as culture, tradition, language and art.  Looking to one day build a NGO dedicated to empowerment and sustainability, Tina sees Kiva as an excellent opportunity for both professional and personal growth. Outside of her internship, Tina enjoys running, cooking, hiking and lazy weekends.