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Welcoming our 38th class of Kiva Fellows!

The start of February brought us the beginning of our 38th class of Kiva Fellows! We welcomed our new fellows, Nils and Pranav, to Kiva with a week of training and festivities.


Kiva Fellows come to us from various walks of life. Nils (left) previously served in the Peace Corps in Benin while Pranav (right) worked with the UNHCR in Sudan. Both have a deep passion for and experience in socially driven finance.


During their 6-month fellowship, Kiva Fellows act as our eyes and ears on the ground. They work closely with our field partners to support their operations, visit our borrowers to listen to their stories and collect feedback from both parties to relay to our teams at HQ to help improve the Kiva borrowing and lending experience. They're truly on the frontier of Kiva, helping to innovate, expand, develop, and deepen our connections with the individuals and communities that we serve. We are truly grateful for the work that our fellows carry out on behalf of Kiva.


Pranav placing his marker on Thailand, where he will begin his fellowship.


Before heading out into the field as official ambassadors of Kiva, fellows attend a week-long training in San Francisco. During this week, Nils and Pranav had an intimate chat with Kiva's CEO, learned about the ins and outs of Kiva’s operations, and received hands-on training and practice with the technological tools and systems they will be using in the field daily.


Every day during training, our fellows ate delicious lunch (catered by our very own Kiva borrowers!) with other Kivans in the office. We love getting to know our fellows and creating these lasting relationships before they depart to the field.

You may have remembered our KF37 fellows who started their fellowship with Kiva in July 2019. We are blessed and thankful that five of our fellows have extended their fellowship into this new KF38 class and have remained in the field to continue their work.


(From left to right: Gabriela, Tamar, Pascal, Jasmine, Idania, Sabina, Jeremy) The class of KF37 in July 2019! Gabriela, Tamar, Idania, Sabina, and Jeremy have extended their fellowship into KF38. We thank Pascal and Jasmine for their dedication to Kiva and for their time in the field.

The Kiva Fellows Program provides you with opportunities to make a difference in the world through applying your skills and expertise, while also introducing you to new experiences that help you grow both personally and professionally.

For more information on our Fellow Program and to sign up for notifications for future openings, click here!


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