Team Impact Reports
Lending team members asked for a way to visualize their team's impact. To address this we have created team impact reports. You can now click through to view and share a team's impact report from a tab on each lending team page.

Annual Report
Kiva's core value of transparency has once again been expressed through our annual report. The annual report is packed full of information including statistics, a timeline and some of our favorite photos from the field. See what happened for Kiva in 2012

In response to requests for a tool to make country collecting easier, we are introducing a new collections page where you can see a breakdown of your lending by Social Performance Badge, Sector, Country, Activity and Partner. You can also click through to see lists of loans in the areas you are missing.

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Martin joined Kiva in January 2012. Born and raised in London, England, Martin has been writing software from an early age; dropping out of high school to work as a web developer at now Reuters owned Complinet. He returned to education and attainted his BSc in Computer Science from the University of Reading. He worked in a number of engineering and product management roles on high traffic websites before his entrepreneurial spirit took him in a new direction. He owned and operated a mobile catering van, a web development and online marketing agency and a number of tech startups that utilized his homegrown geo-location platform.