Team captain spotlight #3: David from Safe Girls Team

Last but not least, please meet David, team captain of Safe Girls Team. David joined Kiva as a lender in 2009 and just recently celebrated his 7th birthday on Kiva! He became a team captain of Safe Girls Team in 2010 and has played a key role in the team’s development and culture.

Safe Girls Team is much smaller than many of Kiva’s top lending teams who generally have tens of thousands of members. However, they are in the top 10 for number of messages posted – a testament to their strong, vibrant community. Read below to learn more about David and his experience on Safe Girls Team.

How did you get involved with Kiva and this team?

Having read an article on the internet about Kiva seven years ago, I decided to join straight away, and what an eventful time it has been. Over the years the number of Kiva supporters has increased, and with this so has the 'reach' of Kiva which now operates in over eighty countries.

Through Kiva I have been able to support people who through no fault of their own have endured crises including natural disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes. Kiva borrowers often endure war, famine and ill health. Personal crises such as the loss of a loved one often threatens to push family members who are left further into poverty. In spite of this, Kiva borrowers maintain a repayment rate of over 98%, a figure any bank in the rich world would be envious of. Amazing.

Who do you like to lend to? And who does your team like to lend to?

Safe Girls team, of which I am one of four team captains, gives its team members the opportunity to learn about issues affecting women and girls in their everyday lives and how Kiva loans offer a solution to those problems.

What do you like about being a team captain of Safe Girls Team?

Being a team captain is a great opportunity for those who enjoy working with others. For me it is an honor to captain our team with Lydia, and more recently Charlene and Manami. We all have our strengths and weaknesses but we work incredibly well together, and it is our privilege to serve our team members and to help make a positive difference to those around the world who are in need, regardless of their circumstances.

What is your favorite memory as member of Safe Girls Team that you would like to share with the Kiva community?

Charlene created a Safe Girls team campaign with the goal of reaching a team total of $800,000 in loans by the end of October, 2015. We supported some wonderful Kiva borrowers, surpassed our target and had a great time. Soon it will be time for us to have another team campaign, but with a different kind of target!

What do you believe makes a good team captain?

I would say that remembering why we are here on Kiva is most important thing – to give hope and support through Kiva loans to those who would not otherwise have the financial means to succeed in life.

Our thanks go out to the team of men and women who work tirelessly in the Kiva office in San Francisco and out in the field in countries around the world.

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Sheldon Halsted

Sheldon is a native of the Bay Area. She graduated from Georgetown University where she studied Psychology and Education. While at Georgetown she was the co-founder of Strive For College, a mentoring program for low-income high school students in the Washington, DC area.  After graduating, she moved to Johannesburg, South Africa where she worked for Grassroot Soccer, a non-profit HIV prevention organization. Sheldon has a love for travel and is passionate about international development. She is excited to be a member of the Community Support team and gain more experience in the nonprofit setting. In her spare time, Sheldon loves spending time outdoors, hiking, running, and being with her friends and family.