Feb 24, 2014 KV Kiva HQ
By Aurora Lee
Thousands of HP Employees Invited to Loan on Kiva Through ‘Matter to a Million’

Kiva’s lending community has helped improve the lives of more than one million borrowers around the world in the past 8 years. Our lenders are the driving force behind Kiva’s success, so it’s with great enthusiasm that we welcome new faces into that family through an exciting partnership with the HP Company Foundation. 
Beginning February 25, each of HP’s thousands of employees will receive a $25 credit to lend to a small business owner on Kiva.
Together with HP’s employees, we hope to help change another million lives for the better. We’re setting our sights high, but given the HP community’s commitment to helping others, we know it’s possible.
That generous and compassionate spirit is part of HP’s DNA. Each year HP employees support the many communities in which they live and work by sharing their expertise, skills and time. HP’s volunteerism policy allows employees to use four paid hours each month for volunteer efforts. During 2013, HP employees around the world donated more than 1.7 million hours to volunteer projects for a total value of more than US $110 million.
We’re proud to be partnering with the HP Company Foundation, whose continued commitment to improving people’s lives across the globe connects with the values of the Kiva community. 
You can visit the HP team page to see how they’re doing on their quest to Matter to a Million!



This is so exciting! Congratulations!

Im very proud that HP contributed to this.

we are together,help other is just to help ourself.

Clever. Good on HP for trying to involve all employees in their philanthropy. Good on Kiva for have the technical capacity to launch 30,000 lenders instantaneously with another 300K potentially coming on board. Will be interesting to see if the employees get behind it and grow the pot with their own money. Who will challenge them? IBM? GE? Target? the motherload of employers - Walmart? Very exciting potential.

Yes ... the HP employees are "growing the pot" - thanks to KIVA making it so easy to give loans.

I'm not really sure if I like this project. It's definitely good that HP tries to introduce kiva to its employees and makes them take part in a good thing. But HP still is a non-philanthropic business whose main goal is economic success. This project is clearly not connected with the main business of HP, therefore it's "only" a matter of CSR. But does HP also act philanthropic in its main business? Under what circumstances do they produce their millions of products? Are the employees in the production facilities paid well enough, do they have labor unions, is their working environment dangerous? These are the main problems in the electronics industry that must be faced. I wonder how much effort HP puts into that. It would be nice to have an official statement from HP! Maybe kiva can try to get one?

This is great. I hope HP employees branch out to some other lending teams, and invite a ton of people to Kiva. It might take an average of 7 times asking someone else to join Kiva to get it to work, but once you do lately you seem to get a free loan to lend. It's all about exponential growth. You, HP, need to get out into your communities and get your friends and families on board with Kiva all around the world: you're the new fresh voice of Kiva right now. I'm proud and impressed that currently people I have invited to Kiva have collectively made more loans than I have. HP employees, thanks so much for joining and embracing the chance to help others start businesses! I totally agree with Dstoker and hope that all companies that can spare a little money implement programs like HP has through Kiva.

I'm glad this is happening and I hope those HP employees make good choices that will improve the lives of many.

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