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Mother’s Day gifts that make a difference

It’s time to think about Mother’s Day gifts, and we’re pretty sure your mom does not need another macaroni necklace. 

How about a gift that she’ll cherish and will make a difference in someone’s life? 

Breathtaking home decor, handmade fashion, and other Mother’s Day gift ideas from the Kiva Store are crafted by artisans who are also Kiva borrowers. Every purchase directly benefits their business—an effort that’ll let your mother know that she raised you right.  

Here are some gorgeous gifts for mom that she’ll love—and make her proud of how you’re helping others.

1. Kiva Gift Card

You still have time to ship a gift handmade by a Kiva borrower for Mother’s Day. But if you’ve put off thinking about your mama, a Kiva gift card is the perfect last minute Mother’s Day gift—just print it out or email it directly to your mom. Your mom can choose a borrower to support with a loan on Kiva’s website. From global artisans, to farmers, to entrepreneurs, she’ll be able to help fund a dream for someone who wouldn't otherwise have access to finance. And when they repay their loan, she’ll be able to re-lend the same money again and again—it’s truly a gift that keeps on giving.

2. ‘Aseda’ white agate earrings by Rachel, USD$29.99

Like “dancing sugar cubes,” these earrings are a sweet way to show your mom how much you adore her. 

“Aseda'' means “gratitude” in Rachel’s home country of Ghana. A single mother of two daughters, Rachel has been designing and crafting bead jewelry since 2007, inspired by the traditional attire of the Odwira harvest festival in her childhood town of Abiriw. A Kiva loan helped her stock up on stones and other supplies, which expanded her business and allowed her to teach creative skills to others in her community.

See more gifts from Rachel here. 

Rachel makes one-of-a-kind jewelry and scarves

"My dream for the future is to be able to set up a school with all the facilities needed to teach young and underprivileged girls bead and batik making on a large scale.” — Rachel

3. Kumasi blossom stretch bracelet by Rita, USD$29.99

Crafted with sustainably-harvested sese wood and recycled plastic bottles, this eco-friendly bracelet brings beauty to any wrist it adorns. 

Artisan Rita modeled this design after Ghana’s “garden city” of Kumasi, where she often receives inspiration from the world around her by “opening my eyes wider to see things.” She began her art studies as a young girl and advanced her skills, though materials were expensive and not easy to acquire. Through a Kiva loan made possible by Kiva's Field partner, Novica, she’s been able to buy wood, beads, and other supplies and bring more of her jewelry designs and traditional African masks to life.

Have a look at more of Rita’s beautiful crafts

Rita creates beautiful jewelry and wooden home decor pieces

“Thanks to your purchases, my children have completed their university studies and two of them are yet to complete their vocational skill course.” — Rita

4. Mother and child batik wall hanging by Kwabena, USD$114.99

Entitled “Baby, Don’t Cry,” the golden hues of this loving scene will warm the walls of any room.

Kwabena has been drawing and making art since he was a small child in Ghana’s eastern region. Employing traditional batik methods and modern screen printing techniques, he creates richly-colored scenes of Africa’s people, landscapes and wildlife. He uses a phone card instead of a brush to achieve his signature artistic effect, and often shares his skills with up-and-coming artists. As a Kiva borrower, he was able to purchase a bulk of high-quality materials, including calico and denim, to fill his shop with bright wares.

View Kwabena’s full collection here.

Kwabena often sees paintings in his dreams before he makes them a reality

“I have made a lot of progress in the way I work, and have achieved a lot of success in terms of making my dreams and visions come true.” — Kwabena

5. Carved mahogany wall art comb by Raphat, USD$59.99 

Much like the unique touch of a mother’s hand, the title of this detailed art piece is “All Fingers Are Not the Same.”

Woodcarver Raphat began chiseling forms out of mahogany and other trees native to Ghana after completing high school. Inspired by his dreams and scenes from the Bible, he carves masks, wall decor, and sculptures as well as unique Ashanti stools made from bulk wood purchased through a Kiva loan. Another artisan taught him the skills when he was young, and now he employs two assistants that help him sand down the wood and help with the finishing touches.

See more of Raphat's work here. 

Raphat's friends describe him as respectful, calm and hardworking.

"I hope to one day become a recognized artist worldwide and be able to help the poor in my community." — Raphat

6. ‘Akan’ decorative box with aluminum ‘diamonds’ by Daniel, USD$67.99

Traditionally filled with beads when given as a gift, akan boxes make for a special place to store everything from baby teeth to love notes.

Forced to leave school because of a childhood illness, Daniel found a creative path and a livelihood through wood carving. He learned the trade through his uncle, who gave him finishing work until he was ready to open his own workshop. When he had to close down his workspace due to a road expansion, a Kiva loan helped him start anew with wood and other supplies to make his beautifully-designed masks, stools, and gifts.

See the rest of Daniel’s store.

Daniel carves everything from wooden boxes to furniture to colorful painted masks.

“I get inspired by what I see around me. It is my dream and plan to expand my venture to reach customers around the world." — Daniel

7. 'Kwele’ wooden mask by Christopher, USD$114.99

Fashioned in the tradition of the Kwele people, this colorful, heart-shaped talisman is meant to promote protection and well-being. 

Born in the Ghanian city of Accra and its thriving artisan community, Christopher developed a passion for woodcarving. His sculptures, masks, and musical instruments are imbued with ancestral meanings, and he feels deeply for the land itself. As a Kiva borrower, he has been able to keep his supplies stocked and is implementing a plan to plant trees in order to create his own source of sustainable materials.

Shop for more of Christopher’s work here. 

Christopher now teaches six assistants in his workshop, and hopes to add more beginners who are willing to learn.

"I mastered this craft by being willing to learn from my instructors, working hard and being trustworthy. My craft has been a source of income to my assistants who are now taking care of their homes and children. Even the food vendors who come to sell to my workers take the remaining scraps of wood to use as firewood for those who can't afford to buy charcoal or gas." — Christopher

8. ‘Mama Said’ necklace with recycled beads by Catherine, USD$49.99

Show your mama you’ve been listening with this six-strand necklace made from recycled glass and plastic beads.

A fashionista in every sense of the word, Catherine mastered hairstyling, wedding decor, and floral design before she began studying jewelry making. After seeing fabulously-bedecked women at parties in her community, she decided to make her own adornments. Now she creates modern African designs out of calabash gourds, clay and other sustainable materials she procured with help from a Kiva loan.

Check out more of Catherine’s designs here

Catherine creates unique beaded necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

“I really appreciate your support in helping me expand my business, which helps me take care of widows and orphans."—Catherine

9. Carved chess set by Francis, USD$159.99

Moms don’t like it when you play games, except when she gets to checkmate you with this exquisite sese wood and leather chess set that comes in its own velvet-lined box.

Francis comes from a family of traditional woodworkers in Accra, Ghana. He used his carving skills to fund his education, selling his own designs alongside his father’s. A Kiva loan helped grow the business while he studied, expanding the craft to a new generation of the family. In addition to chess sets, Francis also creates sculptures, masks, bookends, and nativity scenes.

Browse Francis’ other offerings here. 

Francis's Kiva loan allowed him to to hire additional artisans for his workshop and purchase a bulk supply of wood.

“I opened a new workshop which my sister and a cousin manage and together we preserve the family legacy.” — Francis

Get mom a gift she’ll remember

When you buy a Mother’s Day gift from the Kiva Store, you not only get a unique item made with love, you also support artisans and their communities. Nothing could make your mom happier—except maybe calling her once in a while instead of texting. Happy Mother’s Day from Kiva! 

About the author

Jessica Leigh Lebos

Jessica Leigh Lebos is Kiva's Senior Storyteller and an award-winning writer based in Savannah, Georgia, USA. Covering social justice, cultural equity, sustainable growth, financial literacy, and always celebrating others' success, she is thrilled to help share Kiva's mission—and the stories of the people it connects.