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Kiva’s CEO stepping down


Kiva CEO Chris Tsakalakis announced his resignation

A message from Chris

Dear Kiva community,

After much reflection, I’ve made the difficult decision to step down as Kiva’s CEO.

With my departure, Kiva’s Board of Directors will immediately begin a search for the next leader and will implement a transitional leadership plan so that Kiva can continue its mission-driven work to expand financial access to help underserved communities thrive.

Wrestling with these types of decisions is never easy, but I’m confident that this is the right step not only for me, but for this incredible organization. I continue to be a strong believer in Kiva’s mission and look forward to supporting it through my personal commitment as a lender and donor.

I have learned so much during my time here, and I am grateful to the board, the Executive Leadership Team, Kiva’s incredible employees, and to all of you for giving me the opportunity to lead this organization. Thank you to everyone in the Kiva community - lenders, partners, volunteers, donors, investors, and staff - for supporting our mission. 

Kiva is a resilient organization with a rich 17 year history and I look forward to seeing its ever increasing impact around the world.



CEO Transition: A message from Kiva’s Board of Directors

Kiva’s Board of Directors would like to thank Chris for the commitment of his service and unwavering belief in Kiva’s mission, especially against the relentless headwinds of a global pandemic. 

As we say goodbye to Chris, let us also celebrate all that the Kiva Community of Lenders, together with Kivans and Chris, achieved during his tenure. 2021 was Kiva’s biggest year of impact with 550,000 entrepreneur borrowers across more than 60 countries receiving over $223 million worth of loans. 

We are also grateful for the capable leadership hands in which Chris leaves Kiva. Through the appointments of Liz Ray (Chief Financial Officer), Annette Promes (Chief Marketing Officer), Don Carter (Executive VP of People & Places), Molly Siemers (VP of Marketplace Product), and Sin-Mei Tsai (interim CTO), Chris broadened and deepened our leadership bench, while making meaningful strides in expanding diversity and representation. 

As Chris leaves his role as Kiva's CEO, the Board, in partnership with the Executive Leadership Team (ELT), will work to ensure leadership continuity so that Kiva’s important work and impact continues unimpeded. A CEO search is being initiated and interim leadership will be announced shortly. 

Like every organization in the world, Kiva has experienced its share of change in recent years. Guided by the steadiness of its enduring mission, Kiva has proven itself to be adaptive, time and again. At its core, Kiva’s fortitude lies in the strength of its collective power - the fiercely committed community of staff, volunteers, lenders, partners, and investors who have come together to enable over $1.7B in loans to reach nearly 4.5 million underserved people across the world. We are perennially grateful for all you do to make Kiva’s mission a reality. 

With gratitude and in service, 
Kiva’s Board of Directors
Julie Hanna, Kiva Executive Chair
Silvija Martincevic
Andre Haddad
Maya Chorengel
Reid Hoffman
John Muller

Update: Transition plan announcement

Kiva’s Executive Chair of the Board, Julie Hanna, will serve as interim leader until a CEO has been appointed by the board.

About the author

Julie Hanna

Since 2009, Julie Hanna has served as Executive Chair of the Board at Kiva. She is an entrepreneur, investor and advisor working with purpose-driven technology companies to solve humanity’s greatest challenges. In 2015, President Obama appointed her Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship to help develop the next generation of entrepreneurs in the U.S. and abroad. Julie serves as special advisor to X (formerly Google X), Alphabet’s moonshot factory where breakthrough technologies are developed to solve problems impacting a billion people or more. She is a venture partner at Obvious Ventures, a venture firm that invests in technology companies addressing systemic problems in a profitable and scalable way and has been an early investor in numerous high growth technology companies including Lyft and Lending Club. Hanna has been founder, CEO or founding executive of five Silicon Valley, venture-backed companies. Among them, Healtheon (now WebMD),, Portola and open source innovator, Scalix. She has pioneered numerous groundbreaking technologies and products that are internet mainstays today, enabling tens of millions of people to connect, communicate and collaborate on a global scale. Hanna is an internationally acclaimed speaker and writer on purpose-driven profit and the democratizing potential of technology to create a more just, free and abundant world. In recognition of her vision and global impact on economic and social progress, she was named the United States Woman Icon of APEC and is a recipient of the 2016 Global Empowerment Award.