Let's Celebrate! Kiva City LA Reunion on May 14

Who: Everybody!  Feel free to share this free event with your family, friends, customers, colleagues, mailman, dogwalker, everyone!  

What: Kiva City Los Angeles Reunion Event host by the Mayor's Office Of Economic Development  
When: Wednesday, May 14 (9:30AM to 11:30AM) 

Where: Los Angeles City Hall, Bradley Tower on 26th Floor (200 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012)
More details & RSVP: KivaLA.eventbrite.com


3 reasons to go to the Los Angeles Kiva Reunion event co-hosted by the Mayor's Office of Economic Development
1. Meet inspiring local entrepreneurs and small business owners
We are proud to be featuring a diverse set of entrepreneurs and small business owners who are all working to improve LA in their own special way.  All of these businesses have grown with help from a Kiva Zip loan.  These Kiva Zip borrowers will be showcasing their businesses, providing yummy samples, and selling their products.  Come check out coffee samples from Manifesto Cafe, rice balls from Mama Masubi, music products from Beat Cruiser, innovative cardboard shelter from Cardborigami, garments designed for individuals in wheelchairs from Cozee-on-the-Go, and many more!

You can expect to meet entrepreneurs from: Alba Snakes & Services, Beat Cruiser, Cardborigami, Chino's Dogs, Community Seafood, Cozee-on-the-Go, El Sereno Shoe Repair, HoneyColony, Mama Masubi, Manifesto Cafe, Master Custom Cabinents, Out of the Box Collective, and Royal American Plumbing Services.  

We'll also have pastries from Good Eggs LA and coffee from Homeboy Industries!

2. Hear how local leaders are spearheading positive change in LA's neighborhoods and economy

Three of these entrepreneurs will be speaking about their experiences and how a Kiva Zip loan has helped them.  Don't you want to hear about how Julio escaped civil war in El Salvadore and started his own plumbing business with his son, William?  How about how Nelson is leading a health revolution in his neighborhood snack shop and throughout LA?  And who wouldn't want to hear about a lifetime friendship between a borrower, Alfredo, and his trustee who is the founder of the Gumball Foundation?

Kiva Zip's success in LA is largely due to the hard work many of Kiva Zip's trustees have put into improving the city.  Many of these trustees including The Gumball Foundation, Barrio Planners, and LA Food Policy Council, will be at the event to share their experiences.  We will also be announcing a partnership between Kiva Zip and the City of Los Angeles!  The City of LA and its BusinessSource Centers are becoming Kiva Zip trustees to further provide interest-free capital to local LA entrepreneurs and funnel an estimated $5M in capital into the LA economy in 5 years.  That's an estimated $15M in 10 years!

3. Take in awe-inspring views of the beautiful City of Los Angeles 
If the inspring entrepreneurs, socially impactful business models, innovative community leaders, and tasty samples aren't enough, come for the view!  City Hall's Bradley Tower on the 27th floor is one of the best places to take in expansive views of LA.  Just check out the below photo that I quickly snapped on my phone while checking out the venue for the first time!

View from Bradley Tower


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Lucy Prom

What matters most to Lucy is largely shaped by a world that existed before her. In one lifetime, her family became self-made business owners, lost it all during the Cambodian Khmer Rouge reign, and survived abusive labor camps, poor living conditions, and near death starvation. She is the youngest of seven and the only one fortunate enough to be born in America (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) where her daily stresses were not about survival. She considers herself very lucky and therefore have learned from her family’s past to see the intrinsic value in opportunities and community. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, she moved to New York to work for Google in sales. A few years later, her career at Google brought her to China where she quickly developed an interest in developing countries and how innovative business models such as microfinancing and microwork sourcing can make an impact in the economy and the lives of the people there. She wants to join Kiva in pushing the limits of technology to make a difference in the world. By focusing on the human side of business, she believes she can give back to the world that has given so much to her and her family. She believes she can help promote global awareness, education, and self-sustainability to future world citizens and prevent things like the Khmer Rouge from ever happening again.