Jun 19, 2016 KV Kiva HQ
By Diana Baule
Growing a business and caring for a family, from a refugee camp

This is part of our World Refugee Day series honoring Kiva borrowers who made the incredible journey from refugee to entrepreneur.

Najah, whose name means “Success” in Arabic, comes from a Bedouin background and is now a successful business woman herself. She raises sheep and goats and sells milk and meat.

She lives with her 5 children in a refugee camp near Jericho, one of the oldest cities in the world, in the West Bank. Her husband lives most of the week in Israel due to his work, so she runs the household and the business. She’s working in difficult conditions — the West Bank economy is in crisis and many families like Najah’s have to scrape together a living in refugee camps or settlements.

Read more about Najah's story on Kiva's Medium page -->>

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Diana was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, where she graduated College with a Law Degree. After one year working with Constitutional Rights and Freedom of Speech in Brazil, she decided to move to the Bay Area. In San Francisco she graduated from Hult IBS with a Master’s degree in International Business. Diana then discovered a passion for online marketing and data analytics. While at Kiva, she wants to help all the entrepreneurs tell their stories, while driving even more people to Kiva.org. She is passionate about social entrepreneurship and the empowerment of women, and hopes to learn tons about micro credit and community development. She also loves traveling to new places and collecting stories and laughter from across the globe!

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