The World Cup is here, but there is another competition taking place in Ghana!

When it comes to soccer, few countries can compare with the intensity and enthusiasm Ghanaians show for the sport.  When Ghana’s national team (the Black Stars) plays, everyone and I mean everyone is following the match and a contagious optimism permeates the air - no matter who the team is playing.   

As one of Africa’s best known teams there is tremendous support all around the world for the Black Stars.  Ghanaians know the special place the Black Stars hold in world soccer and take a special pride in all things Black Star related.  And, as the World Cup is set to start and the Black Stars take on their Group G rivals in Brazil - there is an entirely different competition happening inside Ghana.

The competition for who has the best Ghana World Cup Song! 

On the streets and radios across the country there are two songs dominating for space to become the unofficial Ghana World Cup anthem:

Wiyaala’s “Go Go Black Stars……GOAL”
Kojo Antwi’s “Black Stars Theme Song”

I personally have no preference in this debate, but Ghanaians are taking this very seriously as there is only one song that can emerge as the unofficial anthem, and as most people living in Ghana know, the unofficial anthem will undoubtedly become the official anthem.

Talk radio discussions and news outlets have given significant amounts of airtime on the topic and are waiting for the public to decide on a winner, so the Black Star’s can carry the song to Brazil.

And thanks to the magic of Youtube, you can decide also.

Wiyaala’s “Go Go Black Stars……GOAL”

Kojo Antwi’s “Ghana Black Stars Theme Song”

As the World Cup commences, I will let you know which song prevailed!
Please note:  This will be the first in a series of blog post documenting Ghanaian stories surrounding this year’s World Cup.  Please stay tuned......

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Kadri Lomo

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