Feeling Overwhelmed? Let The Partners Help You Choose!

Logging onto kiva.org is both exciting (wow look at all these borrowers!) and a bit overwhelming (wow, look at all these borrowers.) It can be hard to know where to start, but choosing a Field Partner that shares your values and priorities is a good way to narrow down your search and start lending.

Kiva partners with 264 organizations worldwide. When you lend to a borrower on kiva.org, the funds are given to Kiva’s Field Partners, who are responsible for disbursing the loans and collecting repayments. Field Partners do important work and it’s your funding that helps them do more of it! As a lender, you can vote with your loans by finding Field Partners with projects you want to support.

So next time you struggle over which borrowers to lend to, let the partners help you choose…

Step 1: Think about what excites you. Is it a part of the world you’ve travelled to? The industry you work in? Is there a cause you’ve always supported?

Step 2: Choose a partner that connects you to that country, industry or cause. You can use the dropdown menus at the top of the list to sort by region or risk rating. When you choose a Field Partner enter the name in the search field on the “Lend” tab.

Step 3: Select a borrower from your chosen Field Partner with a touching story and start lending!

Want to delve deeper? If you still can’t narrow it down take a look at our social performance badges. Kiva gives badges to outstanding partners that highlight their strengths and reward great work. These badges help you determine exactly what kind of an impact your loan can have.

Kiva's Social Performance Badges

* Quick tip:
Save your search! Reduce the time you spend scrolling through borrower pages. Click the star in “recent searches” (left side of screen) and quickly return to your favorite search every time you login. Added bonus: opt-in for email updates when loans under your search criteria become available.

Star your Favorites under Recent Searches (left)

Kiva’s partners are the ones on the ground, meeting borrowers, and delivering your loans. Be a part of their great work by lending your dollars to an organization you’re proud of. With hundreds of inspiring organizations to choose from, you can’t go wrong!

Start lending today!

About the author

Audra Wingard

Audra just graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Anthropology and Education. She was first introduced to microloans during a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico where she toured a group of small businesses local women had started using microloans. She was inspired by the excitement these women had about their businesses and the successful profits they were already gaining from them. Audra wants to work for Kiva and help motivated people overcome financial obstacles and achieve their dreams. During her time at UC Berkeley she volunteered in a number of schools and education programs in Oakland and San Francisco and loves to work with kids. She plans to go to graduate school for International Educational Development. and hopes to eventually work internationally to help increase access to education.