Building Lasting Skills in Colombia with Interactuar

The gap between the rich and poor in Colombia is one of largest in the world —and more than a third of Colombia’s population lives below the poverty line.
It’s in this environment that Kiva’s Field Partner of 3.5 years Interactuar is operating, helping entrepreneurs make their businesses a reality, and helping them learn the skills that will help them grow.
Interactuar works in the department of Antioquia, Colombia, where the average yearly income of residents is a meager $6,070. The organization strives to reduce unemployment and create sustainable businesses by offering small loans to rural and urban entrepreneurs. They offer a wide range of loan products that meet the needs of more than 300,000 clients they’ve served so far.
Interactuar’s hard work has not gone unnoticed. Kiva gives them four social performance badges:

Interactuar makes sure their clients keep moving and keep moving up. Below are just a couple of their outstanding borrowers!

Damaris is well-loved in her community. Five years ago Damaris sought financial independence and opened up her own restaurant. Her network of friends, family and neighbors supported her with great affection and loyalty throughout the whole process of starting a business. She is seeking a loan to buy chairs, tables, a freezer, and other supplies that will increase her restaurant’s capacity. She is already realizing her greatest dream: to get up each day with the energy and satisfaction of serving her customers exquisite dishes. Help Damaris keep living the dream!

Lucia has won over the hearts of her community with her charisma and good humor. She runs a grocery store in Bello, Colombia and always has a new surprise for her customers. She works hard to provide good service to her customers and uses her income to give her children a more promising future than she had. Lucia is asking for a loan to stock staple products in her store. Help Lucia achieve her dream of giving her kids the best life she can.

See more of Interactuar's borrowers here.

When you lend to Interactuar borrowers, you’re giving them more than just a loan. Interactuar provides additional services that include:
Business Creation: Interactuar helps clients devise business plans and put them into action.   
Training: Clients have the opportunity to take hands-on practical courses in sectors such as food, production, business training, mini markets, small businesses, beauty parlors, administration, clothing, hotels and tourism.
Consultations: Interactuar gives consultations for established businesses to help them climb the socio-economic microfinance ladder and stimulate sustainable growth.

Be a part of Interactuar’s impact on low-income Colombian communities. Make a loan today and give people the chance to start the life they’ve always deserved.

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About the author

Audra Wingard

Audra just graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Anthropology and Education. She was first introduced to microloans during a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico where she toured a group of small businesses local women had started using microloans. She was inspired by the excitement these women had about their businesses and the successful profits they were already gaining from them. Audra wants to work for Kiva and help motivated people overcome financial obstacles and achieve their dreams. During her time at UC Berkeley she volunteered in a number of schools and education programs in Oakland and San Francisco and loves to work with kids. She plans to go to graduate school for International Educational Development. and hopes to eventually work internationally to help increase access to education.