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Kiva + (a tool from Ahkun) lets you track individual loans, or your entire loan profile in new ways. For example, by typing in the Kiva Loan ID here, you're able to see a graph comparing Expected vs. Actual Payments of a particular loan: kivaborrower1 Similarly, entering your Lender ID displays loans by list or pie chart.  We got a chance to talk to Sanjaya Punyaesena, developer of this tool.  Sanjaya is a former Kiva Fellow, who currently works for a Kiva Field Partner. Tell us about yourself. I'm from Brooklyn, NY but I'm currently living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia working for AMK, a Kiva field partner, as their IT Project Coordinator. Since I'm a dork, I love to code in my free time, but I'm also into photography. How did you start developing Kiva apps? As a Kiva fellow I wrote a program which helped MFIs post onto Kiva and keep track of their Kiva loans. I wanted to incorporate the Kiva API into this program to expand its benefits. What did you learn in the field that inspired you to build? The first app I built using the Kiva API allows MFIs to keep track of which loans are delinquent on Kiva. This allows them to single out the loans that are delinquent and look into whether the delinquency is an actual delinquency or something that is wrong in the system. Tell us more about the product you built. The app I'm currently working on is Kiva+. Kiva+ is a useful tool for lenders. Just like my MFI tool, it lets lenders keep track of the delinquency status of their portfolio. They can track expect repayments vs. total repayments for each individual loan. What are your plans for the future? I'm also working on create a Kiva stats section. This section will have lots of graphs about Kiva, MFIs, countries, sectors and loans.

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