Upcoming Change for "Delinquency Rate"

On Monday Nov 15th, in an effort to better conform to industry standards, Kiva will be changing the definition of "Delinquency Rate" appearing on www.kiva.org site and in the /partner section of the API. Please refer to the Kiva blog for more detailed information come Monday.

About the author

Chris Whitten

Chris has been programming professionally for over 12 years, building up a passion for solving real-world problems while maintaining his entrepreneurial spirit. Right before his graduation from the Univ. of Washington, he co-founded a telematics company that grew into a successful fleet services company that he sold six years later (with much help along the way from his family and friends)! With this experience under his belt, he felt challenged to do another startup in a different space and started an online interactive video company. This eventually led him to more professional settings where he worked for a few different companies and non-profits before landing on the doorstep of the good people of Yahoo for a couple years. Then realizing his calling lay elsewhere, Chris felt a strong social calling to lift up other entrepreneurs who were in need. Through much searching, this led him to Kiva and he joined in the first part of 2010. Chris now works on the Micro-finance engineering team at Kiva and couldn't be happier!