The Winners: Your Favorite Kiva Apps

In the month of May, you voted for your favorite Kiva Apps.  Over 400 people voted, and the results are in!

#1 KIVA ALERTS: A suite of tools for facebook, mobile, and the web that tell alert you when loans of your interest appear on Kiva.

#2 KIVA WORLD: A live map of global Kiva loans in all stages: fundraising, funded, in repayment, and paid. Click on the markers to read more about the entrepreneur in the area.

#3 KIVA HEADS: Lets you browse loans on Facebook, and show off your loans in your Facebook page.

The winners will be announced and recognized in the Kiva newsletter and be featured on the website.  Congratulations to these teams!

We are also building an application directory on, for users to browse all the apps (starting with the 10 below).  A huge thank you to all of the developers who put time, imagination, and dedication into building apps.

Top 10 Apps:

App Votes
Kiva Alerts 113
KivaWorld 71
Kiva Heads 59
Kiva Data 40
Kiva Ads 40
KivaFriends Excel spreadsheets 38
Kiva Mobile 32
Kivalytics 18
Kiva Wordpress Widget 15
Teams 1

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