Behind the Apps: Kiva Ads

Kiva Ads is a nifty tool that allows you to customize ads to embed into your website.  For example, a woman's organization promoting health in Africa can now make ads to promote borrowers that align with their mission.  You can sort by gender, loan status, sector, and region:


Then you are given the code to a dynamic, rotating ad that sorts through entrepreneurs according to your criteria:


According to the developer, Rajat Mittal, the main audience of this app "are people who are gung-ho to get someone funded. It is also particularly useful for Kiva field partners who want to showcase and promote their own loans on their website,blog etc."

We got a chance to to interview Rajat and learn more about his work on the Kiva API.

Tell us about yourself.

I am a master's student at the Department of Computer Science, ASU with a background in Information and Communication Technology. I am interested in using technology for a social cause and in creating ideas centered around utilising the universal nature of the web. My hobbies are brainstorming new ideas, travel and photography. How did you get involved with developing apps for Kiva? I have been a big fan of Kiva as a concept and I admire the idea of using technology to help entrepreneurs. After I saw the Kiva API and the fact that it recently launched, I thought I could contribute to the idea. My first app was a simple google maps mashup showcasing recent loans on Kiva on a map. What do you think about Kiva extending loans to entrepreneurs in the US? Would you loan to someone in the US? Extending loans to entrepreneurs in the US is great. My google maps mashup helped me understand that loans usually dont come from US. We can now think of applications which are more region specific and can easily test their utility using the data related to US. More coverage of MFI's is required to truly understand and harness the potential of the concept. What are your plans for the future? I am brainstorming on a few more ideas on top of Kiva Platform these days. Ideas that change the model of searching loans on Kiva. At the same time, I hope to maintain the PHP wrapper I wrote to acess the Kiva API called PhpKiva by keeping it updated with the API.

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