Behind the Apps: Kiva World

Kiva World, one of the earliest and most coveted Kiva Apps, was created by a team of developers in Northern Italy. The company is called Wonsys S.r.l. and was founded by Simone Dall'Angelo, Michele Finotto and Matteo Nodari. And although I tried to convince Kiva to send me there for this interview. I settled on a few email exchanges. Kiva World is a user-friendly google maps mashup of real time loans on Kiva. The Wonsys team describes it best:  “It's nice to have a glance at world map and see what's happening, who need money, who's working to repay their loan, etc. It really helps to give a sense of what's going on at Kiva, because it's ok to look at a list of entrepreneurs on the Kiva website, but seeing them spread out on the map makes it a tad more impressive, because you know you're helping a lot of people around the globe.” The team has been using Kiva to make loans for years.  And as soon as the API was introduced, they jumped on the opportunity to build something to help spread the word about Kiva.

We think everyone should use Kiva, because you don't need much money to start making a difference.  So we would like to help spread the word about Kiva and help you reach as many people as possible.

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