NEW: Teams, Baskets, and More Search

The past several weeks we have been busy adding a lot of new features to the Kiva API. Let's take a look at what's new... Lending Teams - This has probably been the most requested new feature, and of course by those with their own lending team sites. You can now fetch detailed information about a team (or a set of teams), and fetch all lenders or loans associated with a team. Baskets on - We see this as perhaps the most powerful new feature available to API-based applications –the ability to pre-compose baskets and send the user directly to checkout on This allows applications to all but complete the loop on a loan purchase and certainly paves the way for entirely new loan shopping experiences to emerge. More Search - We added search methods for more of our core data objects – lenders and journal entries. Having these as searchable also means you can easily fetch a list of all the newest lenders or journal entries. We're anxious to see how this powers new ways of discovering this data at Kiva. For more, check out the API Reference and the updated documentation.  We'd love to hear your feedback in the comments or on the Google Group. Happy building!

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Skylar Woodward