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Kiva Data is a handy set of charts taking a macro look at Kiva's micro loans.   A look at the heat map of loans by country reveal that Peru and Cambodia have the highest amount of loans, with 11,814 and 10,569 respectively. Kiva Data also looks at top uses for loans, analyzing free-text of borrower profiles. Among top phrases, TO BUY A COW appears 136 times.  And 109 borrowers will "USE THE MONEY TO DIVERSIFY AND EXPAND MY BUSINESS". Other interesting charts are Borrower Gender, Minutes Between Posted Date & Funded Date, Loan Size, and more. kivadatascreenshot1 I got a chance to speak with Jon Heller, hacker of Kiva Data: Tell us about yourself. I'm a 30 year old database developer and I live in Durham, NC, with my wife Lisa. My main hobby now is trying to do something cool with the Kiva API. How did you get involved with developing apps for Kiva? I've been a lender and a big fan of Kiva for a while, and as soon as my wife told me about the API I started planning ways to use it. Tell us about the product you built- who should use it? How is it useful? Kiva Data explores and visualizes the data from Kiva. It's a collection of trends and statistics that I think are cool, but I'm not sure if it will be useful to anyone. What are your plans for the future? Do you have any other products you’d like to launch on Kiva? First I plan to continue exploring all the available data, such as lenders, teams, etc. There are a few areas where I may try to get more in-depth, such as finding out what makes some loans more successful than others. Eventually I want to make my site more interactive, and provide direct access to a database of all the information. Also, I'd like to collaborate with other people on their projects, so if anyone has some specific data requirements send me an email [jonearles (at) yahoo (dot) com] and I might be able to help you out.

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