What's your favorite Kiva app?

Since we’ve opened the Kiva API, developers have been tinkering away and creating great applications and widgets using Kiva data. Check out these cool apps and vote on your favorite one during the month of May! In alphabetical order:

  1. KivaAds. Want to support agriculture entrepreneurs in Africa? Use this tool to create customized ads for your website of new entrepreneurs that fit your criteria.
  2. KivaAlerts is a suite of tools for facebook, mobile, and the web.
  3. Kiva Data. Like data? Like Kiva? Check out the cool graphs and statistics displayed here.
  4. KivaHeads lets you browse loans on Facebook, and show off your loans in your Facebook page.
  5. Kivalytics is a handy set of interactive charts and statistics visualizing activity at Kiva.
  6. Kiva Mobile lets you get your Kiva fix from anywhere you bring your phone.
  7. Kiva World is a live map of global Kiva loans in all stages: fundraising, funded, in repayment, and paid. Click on the markers to read more about the entrepreneur in the area.
  8. Kiva Wordpress Widget. Are you a Wordpress blogger? Show off your Kiva loan portfolio right on your blog.
Winner will be announced and recognized in the June newsletter and be featured on the website!  (If you're reading via RSS, click through to see the poll.)

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