Cool New Partners Empower Women in Asia, Serve Marginalized Communities in Mexico and Indonesia

Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand
Unlocking the leadership potential of women in Asia
Who are they?
Wedu selects women with interest in becoming change-makers in their communities and provides lifelong mentorship and affordable financial support to complete higher education.  Instead of a conventional loan, Wedu borrowers on Kiva agree to repay the financial support through a Future Income Sharing Agreement (FISA). With FISAs, students receive funding now and repay the investment only after they have found employment.
You’ll love them if… you want to increase access to education and support the growth of women leaders.
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Ejido Verde Reserves
Providing tools for forest-dwelling communities to emerge from poverty and helping the environment
Who are they?
Ejido Verde Reserves (EVR) is working to establish native resin pine plantations on indigenous lands with the goal of improving indigenous livelihoods, reforesting idle lands, and increasing domestic production of pine resin.  Dense pine plantations create jobs for forest-dwellers because pine resin is a commodity used in over fifty different applications worldwide.  The reforestation done by EVR also helps to make the land more fertile and the air cleaner.
You’ll love them if…you want to help a highly marginalized community preserve their unique culture, language, and way of life. Watch a cool video on their work here.
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Yayasan Rumah Energi (YRE)
Empowering farmers to become energy independent
Who are they?
YRE is a foundation that provides high quality biogas digesters to farmers in underserved regions of rural Indonesia. The Indonesian archipelago has over 17,000 islands and many remote communities struggle to access affordable and convenient sources of energy. Biogas allows farmers to obtain a renewable source of energy that can also increase family income by raising farm productivity and producing organic fertilizer. 
You’ll love them if… you support an environmentally sustainable approach to increased farm productivity.
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Kimmy’s adventurous spirit took her from Northern California to New York City, where she graduated with a B.A. in English from Columbia University.  After being inspired by young entrepreneurs she met during her semester abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, Kimmy started a non-profit consulting agency at Columbia called 180 Degrees Consulting.  Kimmy enjoys soccer, trail running, surfing, and writing poetry.  She is excited to explore her passions for social entrepreneurship and marketing through her internship with Kiva.