Cool New Partners: Support Women in Francophone Africa and Students in the Philippines

Réseau de Micro-institutions de Croissance de Revenus (RMCR)

Supporting women entrepreneurs in francophone Africa

Who are they? 

Réseau de Micro-institutions de Croissance de Revenus is a French NGO that provides microloans to underserved communities in rural Mali. It focuses on making financial services available to women borrowers and fostering an entrepreneurial culture in order to support economic development. The organization also offers borrowers a unique opportunity to gradually assume more financial responsibility by allowing them to take out community loans, group loans and then individual loans.   

You'll love them want to support women entrepreneurs in Africa! 

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MILAMDEC Foundation

Supporting farmers and technical education of disadvantaged students 

Who are they?

The MILAMDEC Foundation is a faith-based microfinance organization that works to improve the living conditions of people in north east Mindanao, an island in the southern Philippines. The organization primarily serves farmers, small business owners and students. They specialize in 2 types of loans: mortgage redemption loans (loans made to farmers who want to buy back their land) and education loans (loans made to disadvantaged students to cover technical degree courses). 

You'll love them are looking to make a loan to students in the Philippines!

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Ghana Women Fund Ltd

Providing clean water and sanitation services in high poverty areas of Ghana

Who are they?

Ghana Women Fund Ltd provides Ghanaians with access to capital, with a focus on supporting women. In 2010, the organization expanded their services by offering water and sanitation loans. Due to high density housing in high poverty areas of Ghana, the only way to access clean water and sanitation is through privately offered services making the loans administered by Ghana Women Fund Ltd a much needed product in Ghana. 
You'll love them think everyone deserves basic water and sanitation services!

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