Kiva Launches in Español

Big news! We’ve just launched “Kiva Español,” a pilot version of Kiva in Spanish! 
Check out and you’ll see a limited version of Kiva’s website in Spanish, including all Central and South American loan descriptions posted in their original wording. 
We launched Kiva in Spanish for 2 main reasons. The first is that a third of Kiva’s loans come from Latin America, and they take around 12 days to fund.  The second is that there are around 50 million Spanish speakers in the U.S., and a large number of people in the U.S. send remittances to Latin America and the Caribbean each year. In fact about $46 billion were sent from the U.S. to the region in 2013.1
We want to amplify that generous spirit and make lending easier. We hope this new pilot will encourage Spanish speakers in the U.S. who were deterred by the language barrier to start lending and supporting their fellow Latinos.
We hope it can also serve as a building block for Kiva to operate in many other languages someday. This is a pilot program, so you may experience some bugs on the page. We apologize in advance if you do, and please reach out to if bugs are causing serious issues on the page.
If you’d like to learn more about this pilot, check out the Kiva in Spanish FAQs.
We hope you enjoy the new Spanish platform!

1 Multilateral Investment Fund, Member of the IDB Group


About the author

Dominic Vantman

Domi was born and raised in Santiago, Chile.  She studied Business and then got a Master’s degree in Marketing in her hometown. After graduating she started working at, an online retail store.  Travel has been a huge part of her life; she lived in Paris and Singapore before moving to the Bay Area, and has traveled to more than 30 countries. She has always liked to participate in volunteer programs, including educating young children during five years as a scout instructor. Hence, when she learned about Kiva and its ability to assist others she wanted to be part of it. Furthermore she has witnessed how microcredit has lifted families out of poverty so she is really excited to start working at Kiva in the Portfolio Analysis position and be able to help people in Latin America get financing for their small business. In her free time, Domi likes to travel, read novels, eat sea salt and vinegar chips, and watch TV series.