Video: How MFI’s explain Kiva to borrowers

Jenny Jin, KF11 – Kenya, KADET

I’m a whimsical documentarian, and the video clips that I find on my computer consistently surprise me if they turn out to have captured something.  After officially ending my fellowship this past week, while waiting for my flight back to San Francisco and missing Kenya already, I was idly flicking through my computer files and I found a pretty excellent clip that I wanted to share with the Kiva community.

This clip features Dorice explaining what Kiva is to a 15-member group of KADET clients in Western Kenya. This was Dorice’s first time explaining Kiva, and she uses an interesting analogy of describing Kiva/Kiva lenders as neighbors that I thought it was a very simple yet apt way to capture Kiva’s spirit to the right audience.  As I’ve heard and seen many times, Kenyans live in close-knit communities where  lending to neighbors is one of the most common forms of community support.


I’d love to hear your feedback on what you think of Dorice’s explanation, and whether there’s other ways that you can help explain Kiva lenders to borrowers that capture the essence of why you lend!

Jenny Jin just wrapped up her Kiva Fellowship with KADET (Kenyan Agency for the Development of Enterprise and Technology) and already can’t wait to go back to visit. Join the “Friends of KADET” team if you’re interested to hear frequent news and updates from KADET’s very own Dorice.

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