Video: Kenyan mountaintops is where wonderful inspirations live

Jenny Jin, KF 11- Kenya, KADET

In Kabarnet, a town situated on the mountain tops of Western Kenya, I spent a day with Irene, a credit officer, to meet KADET’s client groups living in this area. At the end of the day, I was tired but happy from all the people I had the pleasure to meet. One young woman, at the young age of 28, was earning less than $2 a day and supporting 8 orphan children in addition to her own two kids.  Wow!

Towards the end of our last meeting with a women’s group, one of the clients, Albina, gave an impromptu and inspired speech. I took a video of the last portion of Albina’s speech (check out the captions if the audio’s hard to hear):


And at the end of the meeting the group bade us thanks and farewell through a jolly prayer traditional to their tribe.  This was the second time that I heard this prayer, as the group earlier that day also sent us off with the same blessings and loads of laughters.  The hospitality of each and every KADET client that I meet never ceases to blow me away.


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