Cool New Partners: Supporting women in business and education!

The Specific Union for Farmer Women (SUFW)

Who are they?
The Specific Union for Farmer Women is a non-governmental organization established to raise awareness of the social issues facing rural women in Jordan. They target rural parts of Jordan, offering training programs as well as loan products to foster financial independence and education. They offer both education and business loans. 

You'll love them are looking to support women in education and business! 

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Who are they?
B-FIT is a franchise of sports and wellness centers for women that act as safe spaces for female customers. Each new center that opens is founded and managed by women, which creates opportunities for women to develop business skills and enter the workforce. In addition to providing physical training, the centers offer trainings on a wide-range of issues including nutrition, hygiene, sexual health, communication, leadership and entrepreneurship.

You'll love them if... you want to help women start their own business! 

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Eastern Africa

Who are they?
Burn is a social venture that targets global challenges of deforestation, respitory illness, global warming and poverty. They focus specifically on manufacturing clean burning cook stoves, replacing ones with high CO2 emissions. Loans are given to small scale distributors of these stoves in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda. 

You'll love them are looking to help issues surrounding global warming! 

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