Kiva partners with GoDaddy to support US entrepreneurs

GoDaddy & Kiva partner to help entrepreneurs

At Kiva, we've seen the global impact from collaborating with corporate partners. In 2015, we teamed up with GoDaddy to empower its employees to help fund loans around the world. Since then, GoDaddy employees have lent more than $170k to around 7,000 people across the globe.

To further advance its commitment to supporting entrepreneurs, GoDaddy recently unveiled a new social impact program called GoDaddy GoCommunities. GoCommunities is a social impact program dedicated to equipping entrepreneurs in under resourced communities with training, tools, and peer networks to accelerate their ventures. This program started in the U.S. and will be expanding globally. GoCommunities focuses on increasing access to crucial business resources and specifically offers GoDaddy’s expertise and coaching around building the digital presence and overall marketing of a small business to fuel its success.

To further expand this work, Kiva is taking part in the GoDaddy GoCommunities program by working with GoDaddy to provide a customized search engine optimization (SEO) course exclusively for U.S. entrepreneurs. This online course teaches participants about SEO and how to increase site visitors coming from search engines.

The course is in the form of weekly videos taught by GoDaddy's Communications Senior Director, Shawn Pfunder. What's more, each participant is paired up with a GoDaddy SEO expert for one-on-one mentorship. Take-home work also helps participants take real steps toward improving their online presence.

The course started on July 17th and includes 30 Kiva entrepreneurs who work in industries like food, retail, apparel, and other services.

“We’re delighted to partner with GoDaddy in this pilot program which will provide incredibly useful marketing resources to the Kiva community of entrepreneurs,” says Adam Kirk, Kiva’s U.S. Marketing Manager. “Thanks to the GoDaddy team, these entrepreneurs can better understand how their online marketing can be targeted and adapted for improved business growth.”

For more information on the GoDaddy GoCommunities program, visit GoDaddy’s website.


About the author

Kathy Gledhill

Kathy is an volunteer on the Kiva U.S. marketing team and is excited to help Kiva promote their mission of connecting entrepreneurs with a community of lenders who provide interest-free loans and become champions of the entrepreneurs they support.  Kathy has spent over 25 years assisting small and medium sized businesses as a CFO or consultant, helping them to grow their offerings, obtain funding, and manage working capital.  Kathy has an MBA from New York University and a BA from Swarthmore College.