Photos From the Field: Fellows share their favorite shots!

This borrower from Vietnam is part of a group loan used for cultivating rice and vegetables, as captured by Kari Derenzi.

Carly Schwartz took this photo of Miguel finishing up some baked goods that he and his wife sell in Mexico.

This smiling borrower in Myanmar, as captured by Krittika Kaewmamuang, used her Kiva loan to purchase more livestock to raise and sell for additional income.

Kari Derenzi, a fellow in Vietnam, captured this breathtaking sunset.

Eric Brandt (former fellow, current Kiva staffer!) captured this shot of Mahmoud in Palestine, who opened an aluminum workshop with the help of his Kiva loan.

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Alison Edwards

Alison is a native of the Bay Area and spent the last four years living in the Pacific Northwest where she studied Psychology. During her junior year she studied abroad in Florence, Italy where she discovered her love for travel and culture and volunteered at a local elementary school as an English teacher assistant. During her senior year, Alison worked as a research assistant at the Sleep and Performance Research Center at Washington State University where she worked on several studies focusing on daily sleep patterns and performance. She wishes to bring her academic research skills and her interest in global development to the nonprofit setting and is so excited to begin her Partnerships Marketing internship with Kiva. In her free time, Alison loves reading, watching movies and Netflix, eating delicious food and drinking wine, hiking, spending time with her friends, and running.