Who is ADIM anyway?

  • ADIM is The Alternative Association for the Integral Development of Women,
  • ADIM is one field partner in Nicaragua who works with Kiva – choosing borrowers, taking their pictures, collecting repayments… all the stuff going on behind the scenes,
  • ADIM is an awesome microfinance institution, and I’m not the only one who thinks so…

In 2009 ASOMIF (The Nicaraguan Association for Micro Finance Institutions) awarded ADIM “Best Practices in Microfinance for Gender Focus”.  And here is why…

ADIM isn’t just offering loans and collecting repayments. The borrowers [which are about 83% female and 17% male] also get training on how to be the best entrepreneur they can be. ADIM offers four different education programs:

  1. Human Development/Personal Autonomy Program – Developing self-esteem, personal identity, personal and economic independence, and goal setting.
  2. Business Development — Assists entrepreneurs in creating a business identity, entering the market, and basic accounting principles, with a focus on personal economic independence.
  3. Business Exchange – This program is a lighter combination of the above programs; Human Development and Business Development.
  4. Joint Actors – Teaches entrepreneurs how to construct partnerships or economic alliances within local and established businesses, institutions, and organizations.


Above is a video of Marta, a long time client of ADIM and a recent Kiva Borrower. She allowed us to stick around while she completed a child’s school uniform shirt from start to finish, it was incredibly impressive. When asked about ADIM’s capacitacion [education and training programs] tears came to her eyes and she told me she would not be where she is now without ADIM.

The opportunity for education and training is not something that presents itself often to poor communities, especially those who cannot read or write. About 16% of ADIM’s clients are illiterate, ADIM is giving these women the opportunity to expand their business financially and empowering them with education.

By Monica Hamlett, KF10, Nicaragua

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