Anna Cleal, KF10, Philippines

It is becoming increasingly obvious to me, living here in the Philippines, that SO often money does not go into the right hands.   The two main shopping malls on the island of Bohol are owned by wealthy Chinese business men.  Chain stores like Chow King, McDonalds, and Jollibee are filled with customers.  When you ask people what they do in the weekend the common answer is “malling” or window shopping.  Malls are synonymous with air conditioning.  Air con means escaping the heat.  Less people shop in the open markets and side of the road stalls.  More people are drawn into the big chain stores.

And so the story goes, and it’s an old one, the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.  ENTER: Microfinance!

Microfinance is the “Robin Hood” of this scenario, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.  The best thing is, that in the world of microfinance, Robin (aka Kiva) doesn’t need to steal, he simply asks anyone with a heart to lend $25.  It’s too easy!

And now, people with hearts, I’d like to introduce to you Sesenio Jr. Sereno – the right man for your money! Sesenio is nearing the close of his loan on Kiva and is yet to be funded.  Why? This is because he is asking for a $1100 loan, larger than most loans that go to Philippines clients.  He is part of a new loan product offered by my microfinance institute Community Economic Ventures, Inc (CEVI) called the ASENSO loan (Asenso meaning developing).  It is offered to clients who have been with CEVI in the early stages of their business when they needed just $200  to advance.  However, CEVI also want to support these clients as they continue to expand their businesses beyond what they ever dreamed they could be.  So, what I want to reiterate to you, is that while this is a large loan, it’s STILL going to the RIGHT person.  Please watch the video below if you are new to this game and jump online to support Sesenio.


Hopefully by the time you read this blog Sesenio will already be funded. If this is the case please support someone else from Community Economic Ventures, Inc (CEVI).

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