Bring It On

Is it possible to “hear” the power of microfinance?

The sweet sound of empowerment is a beautiful thing.

Check out the clip below featuring members from Ahon Sa Hirap, Inc. (ASHI) in a cheering contest at a recent branch meeting.  As a visiting Kiva Fellow, I also had the privilege of “participating” in the contest.  Our team fittingly named “The Inspiration Group” won 1st prize for “Best Coordination.” 


Translated from Tagalog, Ahon Sa Hirap means “to rise out of poverty”.  With portfolio loans to 100% women, ASHI has the distinction of being the oldest existing replication of the Grameen Bank Approach in the Philippines.   In addition to general business loans, ASHI also offers educational loans, house repair loans, savings funds,  and social development programs for their members.

Learn more about ASHI here.

Loan to ASHI members here.


Christina Reyes is a KF10 Kiva Fellow serving her placement with Ahon sa Hirap, Inc. (ASHI) in the Philippines.  As a first generation Filipino-American, she feels especially honored to pay it forward in a country so close to her heart.

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