Another young boy!

By Ujwal Kharel KF9

Hello everyone!

My name’s Ujwal and I started as a Kiva fellow for CCT, Manila on Monday, December 07. For those fans of Prem, don’t worry he’s still here, and will be here for at least another month :) .

I left Atlanta on November 23rd and flew to Kathmandu for the best detour ever (I am of course ignoring that this ‘best detour ever’ required 40 hour long trip with long transits in DC, Frankfurt and Bahrain). Kathmandu is awesome as always. Despite the chaos, it has maintained its charm. Temples in Basantapur still stand tall. You can still savor the best dumplings in the world (Momos) in a long line of Nepali restaurants in King’s way. (Oh yeah! right in the middle of this line now stands a recently opened KFC, the most popular venue in Kathmandu right now).

I arrived in Manila on Saturday. Prem was nice to take me around the city over the weekend. We mostly went to malls. And there are so many of them! Manila seems great and not very unlike Kathmandu. I am sure I will get to share great things about Manila with you in next few months.

On my first day at CCT, Lala, the Kiva coordinator, introduced me to almost everyone. The most common comment I got: Another young boy!


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